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How to Feature Your Artwork in an International Art Gallery?

Are you looking for an international art gallery to display your masterpiece? Or, need clarity about the submission process?

Well, all artists can now take a sigh of relief as this blog will help you find the best art gallery and some tips to get featured in one of them.

However, let's first understand why showcasing artwork in a gallery is necessary for an artist.

Answer to “Why Your Artworks Need a Space in International Art Galleries”

displaying art in international galleries

With increasing competition in the art industry, not displaying your masterpieces in international galleries can take away your chances of reaching a wider audience and becoming the next Van Gogh or Picasso.

Therefore, connecting and networking with curators and collectors is a necessary step. Though you can grow your audience with social media, art galleries help you build relationships and earn collaborations within the art community. It also increases the probability of getting featured in art exhibitions or even having an opportunity to hold your first Solo exhibition.

In short, your artwork needs space in the best art gallery to establish a lasting presence and gain more visibility and recognition among the artists.

Tips to Feature Your Art Masterpieces in an International Art Gallery

Undoubtedly, showcasing your artwork would help you get the attention of diverse audiences.

But how to stand out among the competition?

Well, to make things easier for our upcoming artists, here's a guide with tips and tricks to help you submit artwork like a pro and secure a spot in the most honored art galleries in the world.

Finding The Right Gallery For Your Art:

The first and foremost thing to get started is to find the right art gallery for your artwork. For that, you must first research and make a short list of art galleries.

Second, you need to analyze the type of work they usually display and figure out which gallery fits best to display your artwork. Sometimes big Vanity Art Galleries may only represent professional artists and do not entertain newcomers. So avoid wasting your time and energy searching for the best way to get wall space in them.

However, in art galleries like TERAVARNA, you can submit any artwork, from portrait and abstract to landscape art. In addition, they also offer excellent growth opportunities for everyone with their grants and certificates.

Yet, there may be times when a gallery may be less interested in representing some artists. If this happens, don't get disappointed. Instead, ask for their feedback and tips on improving for the next competition. Constructively taking feedback with a positive attitude will help you advance in your career and earn a connection.

As the saying goes, we never know when a connection from the art community will be helpful in the future. So, leverage the opportunity to network with art professionals.

Prepare An Appealing Portfolio:

A portfolio gives the first glimpse into an artist's creativity. Make sure you spend time on it.

Nonetheless, a portfolio can be created in multiple ways, like printing physical copies of your artwork or creating a website to showcase your work. Here, experts recommend producing a high-quality portfolio that looks professional and engaging.

For instance, you can include high-resolution photographs of your artwork taken with a camera in your physical art portfolio or create a website or blog in an appealing manner that reflects your masterpiece's essence.

Though the second option adds a few bucks to your monthly bills, it is a worthwhile investment. Plus, it will take your work to a global level.

Lastly, learning a few hacks to organize your portfolio will help your audience gain clarity and build interest in your art pieces. For example, you can chronologically arrange your work by theme or color and choose an aesthetic and simple layout that makes the whole setup look more appealing. While doing so, make sure your virtual and physical portfolio explains all about your art process to the gallerist and respective viewers.

Simple steps will let an open art competition host know you are passionate about art and sincerely do your work.

Prepare Artwork for Gallery Applications:

When submitting artwork to galleries, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is my artwork reflecting a unique artistic perspective?

  • Am I utilizing interesting techniques or materials in my artwork?

  • Does my collection of artwork appear to be created by the same artist?

  • Would people be interested in displaying my artwork in their homes?

  • Would people be willing to pay to see my artwork in person?

  • What inspires my artwork?

All these questions will help you understand how to prepare your artwork for gallery applications. Remember to make your artwork presentable that matches the gallery's style. Try to show your artwork in a way that grabs the attention of the gallery curators and makes them want to learn more about your work. Their curiosity will help you get the expected results.

Bonus Tip: Labelling your work correctly and clearly by stating the medium, dimensions, and title of each piece simplifies the process for a gallerist. It helps them understand your work better, and who knows, they may invite you to display your creative work in their digital art competitions.

Explore Art Galleries That Seek New Artists:

Being an active art community member is important to get your artwork noticed by galleries seeking new artists. Below are some tips you must follow:

  • Attend gallery openings and shows regularly to introduce yourself to gallery owners and curators.

  • Connect with other artists and support their work, as they can refer you to galleries seeking new artists.

  • Take note of the galleries and curators that match your artistic style, but avoid changing your work to cater to their preferences. For Example, if you are a landscape painter, search for the gallery organizing a landscape painting competition.

  • Take notice of small venues; they can be great stepping stones to getting invitations from organizers of more prominent exhibitions.

Plan your art shows to gain exposure and get your works in front of more people, including curators and gallery owners. Consider including other artists to expand your reach.

Read the Submission Instructions Given by Art Galleries Carefully:

If you want your artwork to be displayed in an international art gallery, following the submission instructions carefully is important. It will help the gallery to evaluate your work quickly. To do this, note the crucial details on the back of your canvas, such as the measurements and hanging direction.

However, if you are physically sending your art pieces or a portfolio book to a gallery, pack them properly, and include prepaid postage to ensure they return safely. It will ensure your artwork is preserved during submission.

Nevertheless, displaying your artwork in a gallery is a significant accomplishment as an artist. Plus, following these little details can help you stand out to curators. You can also explore TERAVARNA's website or any other site to know what you need to mention before submitting your artwork for any art competition. Also, read the instructions for each competition to submit your art piece carefully. Then, wait for our curators to revert you.

About to leave?

Before we conclude, here's a little introduction to one of the artists' favorite International art galleries, TERAVARNA.

TERAVARNA: An International Paradise for Every Artist

International Paradise for Every Artist

TERAVARNA', in Los Angeles, California, organizes many open art competitions for professional and upcoming artists. Not just that, we also support artists with our widely recognized cash prizes and artist grants. We want to help artists like you get the desired worldwide exposure that backs their dreams and creative skills.

Featuring your artwork in an International art gallery like ours could be a game-changer for your budding art career.

At Last,

Following the above key steps will increase the chances of your artwork's acceptance rate at art galleries.

So, always read the submission guidelines carefully, prepare an appealing portfolio, and you will find the best international art galleries like TERAVARNA to take your artwork to the next level.

Hopefully, this guide with expert tips on featuring your artwork in an international art gallery will help you. You can also refer to our blogs, 'How to promote and market your artwork' and 'How Can Artists Leverage Social Media in 2023' to learn a few more hacks about artwork promotion.

That's a wrap. We wish you luck and can not wait to see your artwork in our art competitions.

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