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How Can Artists Leverage Social Media in 2023?

Updated: May 10, 2023

Whether you are a professional portrait artist or paint figurative paintings for fun, social media platforms have become an essential tool for promoting your work and building a strong online presence. As we move further into 2023, the role of social media in the art world is not only set to grow but also helps artists to increase their reach.

Artists these days are leveraging the power of social media and turning to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for inspiration and new ideas. They learn about new art forms, connect with like-minded artists, or even sell their art online. If you are also an artist looking for different ways to promote your artwork, attract new clients, and build your identity, this guide is for you.

Here, we will help you choose the right platforms and provide some tips to use social media for your benefit.


Why Should Artists Use Social Media Channels?

Social media is one of the most important and influential marketing tools today. Over the last few years, social media channels have developed rapidly. These media channels made it easy for an artist to promote and share their artwork or abstract figurative art with their friends and contacts quickly and easily. In addition, these channels have also made it easier for artists to build strong online presence.

So, here are 5 reasons why an artist should use social media for their artwork:

To Get More Exposure

Social media provides artists with a platform to showcase their artwork to a wider audience. Using social media channels, an artist can reach potential clients, art collectors, and fans from around the world. This exposure can help the artist increase their visibility and create a strong brand identity.

To Sell And Earn More

You may be an artist who is passionate about painting beautiful portraits, figures, landscapes, or other pieces of art for your clients. But at the same time, you may also want to sell them and earn a deserving price for your painting. Well, you can do it by selling online with art-selling platforms.

You can grab this opportunity from TERAVARNA, as we are the world's leading art gallery. We also support new and upcoming artists with portrait art contests and showcase your paintings on our website.

To Connect With Other Artists

Social media channels allow artists to connect with other artists, art communities, and industry professionals. By networking and building relationships with other professional art lovers, artists can learn about new opportunities, collaborate on projects, and get valuable feedback on their work.

flower painting

Top Social Media Platforms For Artists!

We are currently living in an era where promoting our businesses no longer requires going door-to-door, thanks to the power of the internet and social media. With just one click, we can reach out to potential customers and showcase our talent, artwork, products, or services to a wider audience than ever before.

This is because millions of people use social media platforms daily. So here are some of the popular platforms for artists are as follows:

  1. YouTube

  2. Facebook

  3. Pinterest

  4. Instagram

  5. Behance

  6. LinkedIn

We at TERAVARNA support artists in promoting their artwork through social media channels. Not only this, but we also organize portrait art contests and showcase winners' artwork on our website. This helps the artist to get more exposure to working with professionals. However, let’s see how you can use some of these best social media platforms as an artist:


YouTube is another search engine after Google and has millions of active users worldwide. It is an excellent platform for artists who want to share their artwork and creative process with a wide audience. As an artist, you can create time-lapse videos of your drawing process or offer tutorials on painting techniques.

Now YouTube has launched a really interesting feature called YouTube shorts, so you can also create quick tips and tricks for your audience.


As one of the most widely-used social media platforms, Facebook is a great way for artists to connect with their audience and promote their work. You can create a business page to share updates on your latest projects, upcoming exhibitions, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of your creative process.

You can also create Facebook groups related to your art style or medium to connect with other artists and potential clients.


Pinterest is a visual search engine. It is perfect for artists looking to promote their work and drive traffic to their websites. You can create boards to showcase your artwork, inspiration, and even share tutorials or blog posts related to your creative process. Using relevant keywords and hashtags can increase your visibility on the platform and attract new followers.


Instagram is a highly visual platform that allows artists to showcase their work and build a strong personal brand. By posting high-quality images of your artwork and using relevant hashtags, you can increase your visibility and connect with potential clients and fans. Using Instagram Stories and Reels you can share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your creative process and engage with your audience in a more personal way.


Behance is an online platform that allows artists to showcase their portfolios and connect with potential clients and employers. You can create a profile to share your artwork, creative process, and resume. By using relevant tags and engaging with other artists on the platform, you can increase your visibility and attract new clients and job opportunities.


LinkedIn is a professional networking platform you all may have heard about. It is a platform that can be useful for artists looking to connect with people with the same interest. An artist can create a profile and share a resume as well as a portfolio, and add a good description of what you do.

You can showcase your skills and experience and connect with other professionals in your industry.

So, it’s over to you which platform you find perfect for your artwork. Start today and get more brands, followers, and clients for your artwork. You can consult TERAVARNA to receive consultation for your figurative paintings.

Final Words

In conclusion, to create a strong online presence, every artist needs to stay connected with their audience over different social media platforms. Follow these 6 social media channels and tips for artists to help you get more exposure, followers, and clients for your artwork.

Additionally, we at TERAVARNA are honored to be associated with professional as well as emerging artists across the world. We are also happy to share our experience with all the artists who participate in portrait drawing contest with their masterpieces.

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