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TERAVARNA is a place where creative ideas may become a reality. We are happy to announce that we can allow foreign artists to apply for artist grants to help fund their work. We're committed to helping creative people alike succeed by giving out $2,000 in grants on four separate occasions a year.


Here at TERAVARNA, we support the idea of giving creators a chance. Please submit as many pieces as you like; we won't turn anybody away for sending in more than five. To submit more than one entry, you must make a payment and repeat steps 1 through 3.


We make our decisions objectively, based only on the quality of our work. No portfolios, declarations, or previous involvement in the arts are necessary. No matter where they come from or what they've done in the past, all artists are given the same opportunities for gaining International art grants.


Be a part of our international group of artists from 94 different nations and our many artistic endeavors. We accept artists from around the globe because we value the diversity that makes up the world.


Do something now to fulfill your creative potential. Sign up today for TERAVARNA's International Artist Grants 2023 and see your imagination soar.


  1. What is the Artist Grant?

TERAVARNA gives artists $2,000 in financial grants four times each year.

2. How long will it take me to apply for a grant?

112 seconds from first click to submission (of course, we timed it. And yes, results may vary).

3. How complicated is the application process for grants for artists?

It’s closer to zero on a scale from zero to infinity.

4. What information do I need to provide on my application?

Other than your artwork, the three things you need before hitting the Submit button are:

Your Name

Your Email

Your Country

5. How much is the entry fee?

$45 is the entry fee for getting an artist.

6. Can I submit more than 5 artworks?

Yes, we don't set a limit on the number of submissions one artist can make.

7. How do I submit more than 5 artworks?

Once you've submitted your first 5 artworks, you'll have to return to the submission page to pay for an additional 5 entries ($45) and follow the same submission procedure.

8. When are the application deadlines?

Our tentative deadlines are as follows:

SUMMER: July 8, 2024
WINTER: January 8, 2024

9. Will the grant deadline be extended?

We have received many artist applications for our past artist grants. There may also be far fewer applicants for a particular grant period. If so, we reserve the right to extend the application deadline to accommodate more international artist grants in 2023. We will update any revised dates on our website.

10. What are my chances of receiving a grant?

This depends on not just how many artists submit their entries each quarter but also their artistic abilities, the jury decision, and a host of other things.

11. How do I know whether I am one of the artist grants recipients?

We will email you. However, at times, our email might land in spam. So make sure you keep an eye intact on the spam section for any possible international art grants.

 12. When can I expect to hear back regarding an international art grants decision?

Within 10 days after the closing date of each grant period. On rare occasions, the notification time may be delayed.

13. When can I expect to get paid if I’m one of the grant recipients?

We plan to pay you within 1 month of announcing the results.

14. Will submitting multiple times increase my chances?

Of course, the jury will see a more excellent selection of your artwork. If you'd like to submit again, please feel free to reaccess this page and make additional submissions.

15. Will I hear back from you if I’m not one of the grant recipients?

Yes. We understand that not everyone, no matter how brilliant they are, can be guaranteed to win at every competition. If you're not one of our current grant recipients, we appreciate your time, effort, dedication, and talent, and we hope that you’ll secure one of the international art grants next quarter.

16. Have you given out cash prizes before?

Yes! As of April 2023, cash prize awards have been given to 2,976 talented artists.

17. Who are these artists who have received cash prizes at your competition?

We're 100% transparent in every cash prize we award. You can learn about the cash prize-winning artists by reviewing the artist names below.

18. How much prize money have you given out so far?

$89,100 as of April 2023. And that number goes up by about $8,000 each month.

19. How much prize money will be given out in 2023?

In the year 2023, we've pledged to give out $100,000 in total prize money to artists.

20. Do I stand a chance if I'm an amateur, novice, or emerging artist?

You stand a much better chance than almost any similar competition elsewhere since the jury will only consider your art and nothing else. Your name recognition, influence, or curriculum vitae will not be part of the equation. The road to access the artist grants doesn’t get any fairer than this!

21. Do you take into account my previous artistic experience during the grant selection process?

No, we don’t. Since our process is intended to move away from institutional achievements where established artists already command a more favorable position, we don’t want the jury panel to be biased or influenced by your past accomplishments. This is also why we don’t want you to submit your resume, biography, or artist statement. In other words, we will only present your work to the jury with your signature (optional).

22. Why don’t you need an artist statement from me?
Would it not explain my artistic outlook better?

Perhaps, but we also feel that there are too many artists out there whose talents aren’t being taken seriously because they are unknown to the world. We want them to get the same chance as other well-known artists who may hold a much more commanding position within the art industry. In this way, no artist will be judged based on their prior achievements.

23. Can I refer to my Instagram account or website for the jury to see more of my work?

Unfortunately, no. We want to keep the process fair and consistent for everyone, so what you submit is only what the jury will see.

24. Will the jury know my name?

Not until the grants for artist allocation are complete. We assign an alphanumeric number to your name, and the jury process is blind during the selection.

25. Can I apply for a grant if I’ve already applied previously?

Of course, and we encourage you to do so. The whole point is to level the playing field. You can apply even if you’ve applied in one or more in the past.

26. Will I be considered for one of the artist grants if I’ve already won cash grant prizes in the past?

Many of our artists are past winners, and some have won multiple cash prizes. The grant decision is made by separate and independent jury panels each quarter and does not consider whether or not you’ve been a prior grant recipient. So, your chance of receiving a grant is always as good as any other artist applicant, no matter if or how many times you’ve won before.

27. What are the countries of origin of your winning artists?

Our artists come from all over the world. Artists from 94 countries have been represented, and artists from 57 countries have won cash prizes. This data is current as of November 2022.

28. Do I need to be a citizen of any particular country to apply?

We welcome artists and photographers from around the globe and every country to participate in our art events. We remain confident that our diversity is our greatest strength, as we have grants for international artists.

29. Are there any age restrictions for participating in the contest?

Current laws require that artists must be at least 18 years of age to enter any competition.

30. Who owns the copyrights of my artworks?

You! And it will always be that way!

31. Do you make any profit from the grant entry fee?

We don’t. Although this might change, unused money is rolled over to the next grant period, and the overall grant money is increased. This way, we can ensure that either more artists get paid or the same number of artists get paid more grant money.

32. Does this mean TERAVARNA might lose money by giving these grants to artists?

Possibly, but hopefully, this will only be temporary. Since the grant money is announced beforehand, we’ll keep our end of the bargain and still award the grant money for the next period. However, we might have to slightly lower the artist grants given out in subsequent periods to zero out our losses. Remember, to survive, we need to stay afloat too.

33. How do I know that these artist grants are given out?

We’re 100% transparent in everything we do. This means that we’ll always advertise for you the names of the grant recipients each quarter in the same manner we announce our competition winners twice each month. For your reference, we include below an extensive list of artists who have won cash prizes with us just in 2021-2022.

34. Is the entry fee refundable?

No, the entry fee is non-refundable once a successful submission has been made in the Artist Grants process.

35. Why do you charge an entry fee?

We established TERAVARNA as an organization working on behalf of, and for the benefit of artists, photographers, and other art contributors, by highlighting the artworks of both emerging and established artists worldwide. Our core mission has been to award cash prizes, raise social awareness, and boost international recognition by holding juried competitions funded through sponsorships, associations, memberships, and participation fees. One of the ways we raise grant money and meet our operational costs is by charging a small entry fee.

36. How do I pay the entry fee?

When you click on the white button at the bottom of this page, you will be taken to our secure payment portal. You can either pay by PayPal or make a credit card payment. TERAVARNA accepts all major credit cards. After the payment has been processed, you will be taken to the submission form to upload your artwork and other details.

37. What do I do if I have more questions or need further clarification?

Please feel free to email us at We are committed to getting back to you within 6 hours; however, usually, you'll hear back from us within a matter of minutes, not hours. And that includes weekends and holidays.


So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and register right now for the international artist grants 2023.

So, what are you waiting for?



Bob_Moskowitz_New Boots.jpg

Bob Moskowitz

Susanne Fumelli

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Limitless_Lola Yiting Zhang (1).jpg

Lola Yiting Zhang

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