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We're delighted to announce open calls for artists!  The entries are being accepted for our following International Juried Art Competitions from brilliant artists all around the globe! One hundred thousand dollars in prize money will be awarded in 2023, making this a fantastic chance for creatives to have their work seen by a broad audience.


Regardless of skill level or training, everyone is welcome to send their best work for consideration. If you've been an up-and-coming artist aiming to make your big break or a seasoned professional hoping to broaden your audience, this showcase is your chance to shine.

Exclusive Art Competition Shows

TERAVARNA's mission is to encourage high-quality art and provide creative people with a place to show off their work. Our annual art competition exhibitions include works from various artists working in digital media. We welcome creators producing in any media, from traditional to nontraditional, such as sculpture, painting, photographs, and digital artwork. Besides the opportunity to win significant financial awards, our artistic contest exhibits offer visibility and opportunities for connections in the art world.

Open Calls For Artists Around the World

TERAVARNA is a worldwide venue. Thus we encourage artists worldwide to submit for our open calls. We think art can bridge cultural divides and bring people together from all walks of life. These open nominations offer an equitable environment for artists of all experience levels, whether you're just starting and trying to make a name for yourself or are a seasoned veteran hoping to expand your career options. So, let the buzz spread around for an international open call for artists! 

A Plea to the Creative Community

The call of TERAVARNA is a call to artists everywhere to do what they love, to take risks, and to show the world what they've seen. Artists are encouraged to find their style and contribute their most compelling pieces for review. Each entry is reviewed by our esteemed group of jurors, including prominent artists, curators of art, and commercial experts, to ensure a rigorous yet impartial decision-making process. The chosen artists will be eligible to win monetary awards and receive significant visibility via our many online and offline avenues.

Call For Art in Los Angeles

TERAVARNA values the contribution of Los Angeles's diversified and flourishing arts community to the international art world. We hope that by putting out this call for art in Los Angeles, we may help to draw attention to the abundance of creative ability in the area and give local artists a chance to be heard. Artists of all stripes are encouraged to submit their works for consideration in this year's top awards, whether they are painters moved by the colorful artwork on the streets of downtown Los Angeles or photographers driven by the stunning Pacific shoreline.

Call for International Artists

Our calls for submissions is open to artists worldwide since art knows no borders. People from around the globe, in places as diverse as Africa, NYC, Paris, and more, are invited to participate. TERAVARNA honors the many ways in which people exhibit their artistic abilities and acknowledges that art is universal. When we appeal for open calls for artists, it gives creative minds from all over the world a chance to network, share their work, and get exposure to a broader audience.

Don't pass up the chance to exhibit your work for art competition shows alongside that of other talented individuals and vie for cash awards. Share your talents with us at TERAVARNA's Open Calls for Artists!


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