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International Juried Art Competition

Welcome to TERAVARNA's "8th FIGURATIVE" International Juried Art Competition! We are thrilled to announce this exciting opportunity for visual artists worldwide. At TERAVARNA, we help you showcase your finest artwork centered around the theme of figurative paintings.
Artists from around the globe are invited to submit their creations for consideration in our prestigious exhibition. Our figurative art competition embraces the diversity of artistic styles and mediums, offering a platform for artists to express their unique visions.
We believe in providing artists with the freedom to express themselves, and thus, your personal perspective and artistic voice are highly valued. As long as your artworks align with the overarching theme of the figure, we eagerly anticipate the richness and diversity of your submissions.
Join us in celebrating the power and beauty of figurative art through this edition of the FIGURATIVE International Juried Art Competition.


Teravarna's Participation Conditions For Figurative Art Competition

Whether it's a single figure or a group, with precise details or just a basic outline, realistic or abstract figurative art, all kinds of figures are welcome in this art competition. You can depict humans, animals, or even imaginary beings. Artists can express their interpretations as long as their works align with the central theme. 

We accept artworks in any medium. Below are more details about how to submit your entry. You must be at least 18 to participate in our figurative art competition.


​All types of visual arts will be considered, including but not limited to Painting & Mixed Media, Photography & Digital, and Sculpture & 3D Installation.


The deadline for submission is July 15th, 2024.*​ NOTE THAT THIS DEADLINE WILL NOT BE EXTENDED

Awards & Prizes

$3,500 in guaranteed cash prizes will be given out to 75-125 winning artists.**


The grant money will be unrestricted and may be used in any manner by the recipient artist. Depending on the number and quality of artworks submitted, the following prizes will be considered:

First Prize Award | $300-$500

Runner-Up Prize Award | $150-$350

Merit Prize Award | $75-$250

Talent Prize Award | $25-$150

Honorable Mention Award

Finalist Award

** Note that TERAVARNA doesn't promise entrant artists to win a prize in money or money's worth in any of its competitions. Only artists selected by an independent jury from a pool of applicants will be eligible to receive professionally designed Certificates of Recognition.In case there are joint winners for any of the cash prizes the money will be split evenly among contestants. Similarly, if a category does not receive enough entries to be judged fairly within that category alone, it will be considered alongside other categories with sufficient entries. The final prize amount will depend on the total number of entries but will always be within the indicated range.


The entry fee for each artwork is $15 (non-refundable).​

If you'd like to enter more than 10 artworks for consideration, please go back to fill in your details and submit again.


NOW | Art Competition Open

15 JULY 2024, 11:59 PM California Time | Deadline for Entries

19 JULY 2024 | Winner Notification Starts

19 JULY 2024 | Cash Prize Notification Starts

20 JULY 2024 | Exhibition of Winning Artworks Starts

8 AUGUST 2024 | Cash Prize Distribution Starts***   

15 AUGUST 2024 | Exhibition of Winning Artworks Ends

16 AUGUST 2024 | Winning Artworks Archived

*** All cash prizes are given out via PayPal. If you don't have a free PayPal account, you can get one here..

How to Apply

How to Apply

STEP 1: Choose the number of artworks you'd like to submit​ from one of the options below.

STEP 2: Click on the number of artworks and proceed to make a payment. You can pay by PayPal or via credit card

STEP 3: After successful payment, you'll be redirected to a page where you can upload your images and other details.


Still Not Sure If You Should Participate In A Figurative Art Competition? 

Let us convince you otherwise

Figurative art has a rich history, dating back to the earliest cave paintings, and continues to captivate art enthusiasts around the world. TERAVARNA offers an exceptional platform for figurative art competitions, where you can showcase your artwork and receive digital recognition. Our carefully selected jury, comprised of experienced experts in the field, will assess your entries and determine the winners on our official portal.

Moreover, we regularly organize figurative art competitions, providing emerging artists with a perfect opportunity to display their work. Art lovers can easily explore our exhibition portal to witness the magic captured on canvas and other art forms submitted by participants. We aim to create an ideal meeting place where art admirers discover new pieces to appreciate while artists find inspiration and gain recognition. Additionally, we offer rewards to the top entries in art competitions, encouraging artists to create exceptional figurative abstract art.

Unleash your creativity by presenting your best figurative paintings to a global audience. Let esteemed jurors assess your talent, compete with other artists, and receive valuable work critiques. Through our platform, you not only gain an opportunity to exhibit your figurative art but also find innovative ways to improve your skills.


Make sure to review the guidelines to participate in the abstract figurative art competition provided on our official portal and submit your marvelous entries. Create art that mesmerizes the world and earns well-deserved admiration for your figurative paintings.

You can participate in any of our upcoming competitions

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