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Our artists can now sell their work on the world's largest online sales and auction platform

Cityscape - 1 | Anand Manchiraju

AUTUMN | Gayle Printz


We are now locked and loaded to move on to the next phase of our art adventure.

To explain things in the most transparent manner possible, we’ve created this list of FAQs.

Grab this opportunity NOW!

What's happening?

We were recently invited by ARTSY to be a part of their VIP plan, a premium, invite-only spot on the world’s largest fine arts selling platform. This is the highest tier of partnership provided selectively to just a handful of high-end galleries. With this exclusivity, we stand alongside some of the top art galleries of the world, with heavyweights such as Gagosian, and others. For an emerging art gallery like ours, this is definitely a significant achievement, and we’re extremely proud of our artists’ accomplishments.

What's TERAVARNA's Marketplace?

As a premier art gallery, we are now offering artists the ability to sell their artworks through our online marketplace in conjunction with one of the largest art platforms of the world. In this regard, we function in two ways: as an intermediary by representing our gallery artists on ARTSY, as well as offering collectors proven platforms to initiate sales transactions from our artists.

What's ARTSY?

Based in New York and formally known as ARTSY, Inc., they’re a huge online arts brokerage platform with considerable clout within the art industry. ARTSY is home to millions of art collectors, art buyers, and art lovers, with very high traffic count on their site. They are described as the “world’s top resource for buying, collecting, and learning about fine art.” Their estimated web traffic is just under 4.8M+.

How does it benefit me if TERAVARNA is on ARTSY's VIP plan?

As a part of their VIP plan, TERAVARNA has guaranteed access to extensive advertising and outreach. This essentially means that YOUR artwork will have guaranteed access to broad advertising. Along with access to regular shows on ARTSY, there also stands the possibility for your work to be featured on ARTSY’s email campaigns and Instagram feed from time to time. Their Editorials will take our shows to new heights, while the WeChat feature will connect artists with a huge swathe of Asian collectors, who artists of the Western countries rarely get to tap into. It’s a true gamechanger whichever way you look at it.

What will a partnership between TERAVARNA and ARTSY look like?

ARTSY commands the lion’s share of the online art market. Their website receives millions traffic hits, which will certainly work to your advantage. In the art world, name recognition and sales have a strong correlation.

How can I sell my art on ARTSY?

If you’re already a part of our Solo Exhibition plan, congratulations! You’ve already been juried in, and you can subscribe to one of our plans to start selling your works right away.

If you aren’t one of our Solo artists, the first step would be to register for being one.

How do I take part in a Solo Exhibition on TERAVARNA?

We invite all artists, both established and emerging, to apply to our Solo Exhibition plan. The application process is simple. You visit our Solo Exhibition link and upload 5 artworks. Once you submit your application, you’ll hear back from us within 1 business week. If offered a spot, you can choose from a monthly, yearly, or lifetime plan.

Is my spot for a Solo Exhibition guaranteed?

As our spots are limited, we are selective in choosing who we represent. However, our driving force is to ensure that new and emerging artists receive the recognition they deserve. Keeping our core values in mind, we view each application with the desire for it be represented. We try our level best to provide a spot to as many artists as we can, however, the nomination does not guarantee that an artist will be represented.

Will you hold monthly exhibits on their sites?

More than just monthly exhibits, we will have frequent group and even solo exhibits to draw the attention of art collectors. The online exhibition dates will be spread out in order to maximize your exposure to premier art collectors in the industry.

How else will you promote me?

We will be featured in ARTSY newsletters at least twice every year. This means that it’s in your interest to keep your portfolio up to date since these newsletters go out to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

What will I gain from this?

At a minimum, you’ll get a huge boost in exposure through ARTSY gallery rooms and frequent gallery exhibitions. We’re confident that this will translate into strong sales for you. Of course, the art market has always been finicky, and so there’s never any guarantee when it comes to art sales even for an established artist. But if you have the talent and good presentation skills, and especially if you’ve been getting compliments or winning awards, hitting a respectable sales figure in our honest opinion is just a matter of time.

How do I know if I’m invited to display my works on ARTSY?

If you’ve received an email from us inviting you, then cheer up, because you already are. Still, the decision to participate will ultimately be yours.

If you’re one of our Solo Exhibition artists and haven’t received an email yet (check your Spam folder please!), you’re welcome to apply to one of our plans. Remember that if we do not select you or if you’re not a good fit for ARTSY, you’ll automatically get a 100% refund of the plan fees.

Are all artists currently on TERAVARNA invited to display their works on ARTSY?

We estimate that less than 10% of our Solo artists will get to be on ARTSY. We have plans to release statistics about the percentage of artist invites in the coming months.

Am I guaranteed a spot on ARTSY’s marketplace if I’ve already been accepted for a Solo Exhibition on TERAVARNA?

Unfortunately, the standard for acceptance is much higher for representation on ARTSY. Coupled with that, their business needs might not align with the artists’. In other words, being a Solo Exhibition artist on TERAVARNA will not guarantee a spot on ARTSY’s selling platform. In that case, although you’re welcome to stay as one of our featured artists, you’ll not be able to display or sell your work on ARTSY. In such a situation, we will immediately refund 100% of your monthly or annual ARTSY subscription fees.

Will all my works be displayed on ARTSY?

Most of the works you submit that are of high artistic value should be displayed on ARTSY. However, there may rise an occasion where ARTSY’s concierge team and/or TERAVARNA’s jury decides that it will be in our best mutual interest to request for a replacement artwork.

How many works can I display on ARTSY?

Unlimited. Yes, you read that right! This also means that you have unlimited sales potential. Please note, however, that ARTSY limits the number of works you can upload each month; so it might take a little while to get your initial submissions to all be displayed on ARTSY’s site.

What will I need to do in order to be part of ARTSY?

You’ll need to sign up for ARTSY subscription through TERAVARNA. We’re of course assuming that you’ve already subscribed to our ELITE or PRO plans. If you haven’t, then you’d need to do that ASAP.

How much is the monthly subscription fee to display my work on ARTSY?

If you’re one of our solo artists, you can display and sell on ARTSY platform under our GOLD Plan for $65/month. But remember that only artists who are already being represented in our Solo Exhibition are eligible.

Will I save more if I choose to go with an annual plan?

Absolutely! We’re trying to mitigate our huge start-up costs with ARTSY, and as such offering an annual subscription plan at more than 35% discount. In this case, with our PLATINUM Plan, you only pay a one-time annual fee of $500. This special offer is likely to be changed in the future, after which we’ll charge for a higher subscription fee for ARTSY, so we suggest taking advantage of this now.​

Is there any other incentive you’re giving me for going with an annual plan?

Yes! We’d like for you to succeed 100%, so we’ll be charging 10% less commission on art sales when you opt for an annual subscription over a monthly one. This might seem like a small number but remember that this could potentially result in thousands of dollars more in earnings for you if you register even modest sale numbers on their platform.

As an artist, can I directly display my artworks on ARTSY's platforms?

ARTSY does not do business with individual artists, no matter how famous. This means that you’ll first need to be affiliated with an art gallery that has already partnered with ARTSY. That gallery must also be willing to include you as one of their represented artists to be included on ARTSY’s platform.

Why am I being asked to pay again to display my works on ARTSY?

With our partnership with ARTSY, we’re clearly in uncharted waters, and ideally, we don’t want to levy any more fees from our artists. However, in order to function as a viable company ourselves while partnering with conglomerates like ARTSY, we do need to collect a small subscription fee to offset our huge operating costs. This is one reason why we promise to refund 100% of your subscription price once you hit the selling threshold.

Will you charge a commission if my work sells on ARTSY?

Our motto has always been to have artists keep 100% of their sales price to themselves, and that’ll still be the case when you sell your art from our own website.

However, ARTSY imposes hefty and complex fees on us for works being displayed and sold on their platform. This means that in order to recoup at least that, we’ll unfortunately need to pass it on to our artists.

How much commission will you charge if my art sells on ARTSY's platform?

There are two separate commission structures. For instance, let’s say you’d like to get $600 by selling an artwork.

PLATINUM Plan (Annual): If you’re on our annual plan, you pay only a 40% commission when your work sells, so in order to keep your desired $600 for the piece, you’ll need to list a selling price of $1,000.

GOLD Plan (Monthly): If you’re on our monthly plan, you pay more in commissions (50%), but the calculations become that much simpler. In this case, your selling price should be double of what you’d like to keep, so you’ll list a selling price of 2x $600, or, $1,200.

How should I price my artworks?

Our recommendation would be to first decide on the price that you’d want to get from your artwork when it sells. Continuing with the same example above (you get $600), it’s easy to see that not only would the PLATINUM Plan be easier on your wallet by over 35%, it would also be easier on the collector’s wallet, since they get to pay only $1,000 for the same piece that would have sold for $1,200 if you were on the GOLD Plan. The reduced pricing will make them more likely to buy, even though you still get to keep the same $600 on that art piece. More than that, there’s one other KILLER incentive that should make you seriously consider our PLATINUM Plan…

What's the “KILLER” incentive?

We have one more card up our sleeves in order to push for our PLATINUM Plan. In the event you make at least $1,000 in sales during the year, we will refund you your ENTIRE subscription fee for that year. That’s right! We will credit you the $500 you had paid when you signed up, so essentially, you’ll be selling on ARTSY without paying them or us any subscription fees.

Please note that this incentive isn’t currently available on our GOLD Plan where artists will have to continue to pay the subscription fee in monthly instalments.

Who pays for the shipping, handling, and insurance?

ARTSY has recently introduced free shipping for certain countries such as the USA, parts of Canada etc., this means that you don’t have to worry about the shipping cost at all. It will be taken care of by ARTSY. But unfortunately, if you are shipping your artwork(s) from outside the USA and parts of Canada, ARTSY strongly recommends that artists have a flat pricing for shipping. What this means is that instead of going with the exact shipping fee, you charge the buyer a fixed fee. Their recommended range is between $50 to $250, depending on the size and originality (unique or print) of the work you’re shipping. They also prefer the “Amazon” model, where shipping is free and you ship at no cost to the collector, giving them a strong incentive to buy from you. Of course, you can always factor that into your pricing by slightly raising the listing price of your piece. Remember that unless the artwork is damaged or not as advertised, the collector will have to pay for any return shipping. ARTSY’s statistics on returns show that this is an extremely rare occurrence (less than 3% of all artworks sold in both cases), so this gives us confidence that a return is unlikely to take place.

Do I have to use my existing artworks which are already on TERAVARNA's for the Solo Exhibition towards ARTSY listings?

This is up to you. Since we already have the details of these works with us, we’ll only need an updated price sheet for each of those 10 works. So this might be an easier route to take in the beginning. But if you’d like to swap out some of the works for other, more “sellable” pieces, you are free to request for that as well. Even though you get an unlimited number of artworks to sell, it might be prudent to start off with what you consider to be your best works.

So, what happens now?

To get the ball rolling, we’d love for you to subscribe to our PLATINUM Plan, which would give you the ability to list and sell an unlimited number of artworks. If you’re short on funds, or would like to try us out instead, you’re welcome to start off on our GOLD Plan and switch when you’re ready.

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