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International Juried Art Competition

Teravarna is enlivened to announce The “10th Open” International Juried Art Competition that invites art lovers from around the globe. If you are an aesthete and can paint your heart out exquisitely in your way, this open art competition is a portal to your success. Whatever may be your niche, art finds its way to the heart! So feel free to submit your art pieces.

Conditions for Participation

The theme of this digital art competition is recognized as “Open,” therefore, just like its name, it is truly open for all submission categories. Whether it is your creative expression of emotions or an abstract imagination, your desire to paint deserves a place on the winners' list. All art forms will be considered, and only the most ingenious and unique art piece will win. Please note that participants should be of 18 years or above to be able to participate in the open art competition.


​All types of visual arts will be considered, including but not limited to Painting & Mixed Media, Photography & Digital, and Sculpture & 3D Installation.


The deadline for submission is May 31th, 2024.


Awards & Prizes

Up to $3,500 in cash prizes will be given out to winning artists.**


The grant money will be entirely yours to spend. We do not have any say in how you decide to spend your money after winning it from the competition. Based on the number of art pieces submitted and the quality of the art, the following prizes will be awarded:​

First Prize Award | $300-$500

Runner-Up Prize Award | $150-$350

Merit Prize Award | $75-$250

Talent Prize Award | $25-$150

Honorable Mention Award

Finalist Award

** Note that TERAVARNA doesn't promise entrant artists to win a prize in money or money's worth in any of its competitions. Instead, only artists selected by an independent jury from a pool of applicants will be eligible to receive professionally designed Certificates of Recognition. In case there are joint winners for any of the cash prizes the money will be split evenly among contestants. Similarly, if a category does not receive enough entries to be judged fairly within that category alone, it will be considered alongside other categories with sufficient entries. The final prize amount will depend on the total number of entries but will always be within the indicated range.


The entry fee for each artwork is $15 (non-refundable).​

If you'd like to enter more than ten artworks for consideration, please return to fill in your details and submit them again.


NOW | Art Competition Open

31 MAY 2024 | Deadline for Entries

5 JUNE 2024 | Winner Notification Starts

5 JUNE 2024 | Cash Prize Notification Starts

6 JUNE 2024 | Exhibition of Winning Artworks Starts

21 JUNE 2024 | Cash Prize Distribution Starts***

29 JUNE 2024 | Exhibition of Winning Artworks Ends

30 JUNE 2024 | Winning Artworks Archived

*** All cash prizes are given out via PayPal. If you don't have a free PayPal account, you can get one here..

How to Apply

How to Apply

STEP 1: Select the number of artwork you wish to submit.

STEP 2: Proceed to make the payment via PayPal or Credit Card.

Step 3: After successful payment, you will be redirected to a page where you can upload your images and formal details.


Still not sure if you should participate?

Let us convince you otherwise

Art knows no boundaries. It all depends on the unrestricted thoughts of an artist who creates his masterpiece to take the world by surprise. One of the best ways to announce your creativity, skills, and presence as an artist to the world is by participating in the top international open art competition. Art Show International presents the best domain to find such competitions to participate in, compete in, and win accolades along with prizes.


We have created an innovative domain where the artists will find the right exhibition platform to display their creations to the world. Our platform works as a meeting point for artists and admirers. We also patronize budding artists and professionals from all over the world and let them use our platform to seek inspiration, accolades, and admiration by winning our international open art competition. The winners are mentioned in the top art magazines and portals with their winning entries. They also get a congratulatory certificate along with the prizes allotted!


These open exhibitions for artists are done as a charitable effort for inspiring the artists to create more masterpieces and amaze the world. These exhibitions are also juried by handpicked jurors to select and announce winners. The winning entries will then be promoted across different platforms to attract more attention from the admirers. The participating artists will also find art collectors to sell their masterpieces.


Our prime intention is to patronize budding and professional artists around the world by catering to an international open art competition. This international platform will bring the artists to the limelight making their artwork famous. Get a better audience and admirers and enjoy their attention. You will get a certificate of participation to showcase in your professional profile.


Why wait then? Participate in these open exhibitions for artists and seek admiration from a global audience. Win and gain accolades to become an established artist. Follow this page to get more information regarding new art competitions. Understand the guidelines and send your masterpieces to get juried. Be constructive, create impressive artwork and seek admiration from aficionados around the world. Let the world be fascinated by your talent!

You can participate in any of our upcoming competitions

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