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International Juried Art Competition

This is TERAVARNA’s call to every artist who wants to showcase their art to the world but can’t find an opportune moment. With our worldwide popularity, grand cash prizes, and plausible competitive spirit, the upcoming open art competition is the perfect place for you to start. 


Our 11th Open Juried International Art Competition is just around the corner and artists with every skill level are invited to participate. This digital art competition is open to every artist who has created a powerful piece of art and is willing to display it to the world. 

Conditions To Participate in Our Open Art Contest

Every competition held by TERAVARNA is a doorway to global exposure for the participating artists. As long as you meet the following criteria for our open drawing competition, a journey of boundless opportunities, success, and fame awaits you.


We will consider submissions of various 2D and 3D visual arts as long as they uphold the theme of the open art competition. Categories like painting, installation art, mixed media, photography, graphic designing, and sculpting, are acceptable. The competition is open to every type of visual art except videography, filmmaking, NFT, AI-generated artworks, and performance art. 

Submission Deadline

Final call: The last date to make your submissions for the open painting competition is 15th March 2024! Don’t miss out on the time because we don’t provide any extensions. 

Age Limit and Nationality

The participating artists must have attained at least 18 years of age on the date of the submission deadline. 

The competition is open to artists worldwide and there is no restriction on the location or nationality for participation.

Awards & Prizes

We are offering up to $3500 in cash prizes to all our winning artists in this digital art competition.

The prize money provided is unrestricted and can be utilized in any way the receiving artist desires. The final prizes offered will be determined based on the number and quality of artworks submitted, and they are as follows:​

First Prize Award | $300-$500

Runner-Up Prize Award | $150-$350

Merit Prize Award | $75-$250

Talent Prize Award | $25-$150

Honorable Mention Award

Finalist Award

All award-winning artists, including Honorable Mentions and Finalists, will be presented with professionally designed Certificates of Recognition

The winners shall also be promoted on our social media channels, newsletters, and other email campaigns. We will also give their artwork a dedicated space in our annual artbook for winners that we launch towards the end of every year.

** Note: TERAVARNA doesn't promise entrant artists to win a prize in money or money's worth in any of its competitions. Instead, only artists selected by an independent jury from a pool of applicants will be eligible to receive professionally designed Certificates of Recognition. In case, there are joint winners for any of the cash prizes the money will be split evenly among contestants. Similarly, if a category does not receive enough entries to be judged fairly within that category alone, it will be considered alongside other categories with sufficient entries. The final prize amount will depend on the total number of entries but will always be within the indicated range.


The entry fee for participating in the open art competition is $15 per artwork. Please note that the entry fee is non-refundable. 

If you wish to submit more than ten artworks for consideration, kindly fill in your details, and submit again.


NOW | Art Competition Open

Deadline for Entries: AUGUST 31st, 2024, 11:59 PM California Time

Winner Notification Starts: SEPTEMBER 05th, 2024

Cash Prize Notification Starts: SEPTEMBER 05th, 2024

Exhibition of Winning Artworks Starts: SEPTEMBER 6th, 2024

Cash Prize Distribution Starts: SEPTEMBER 23th, 2024

Exhibition of Winning Artworks Ends: SEPTEMBER 29th, 2024

Winning Artworks Archived: OCTOBER 1st, 2024

Please note that all cash prizes will be given out through PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, sign up for a free one here.

How to Apply

Participation Process for the Online Open Painting Contest

Artists can participate in this open art competition by following the simple steps below.


STEP  1: Click high-resolution and clear pictures of the artwork that you want to submit.

STEP 2: You can submit a maximum of 10 artworks at once. Choose a number in between and click on it from the section below. If        you wish to submit more, just make a fresh submission for your next 10 artworks.

STEP 3: A payment gateway pop-up will appear on your screen where you can conveniently pay for your entry using PayPal or a        credit card.​

STEP 4: Upon successful payment, you will be redirected to a dedicated page where you can easily upload your images and                provide the necessary details.​


Please note: We do not send any confirmation email to notify the processing of your submission. You will however see a “Thank You” message on your screen if the submission is successful.

Open Art Competition


Still not sure if you should participate in an open art competition?

Let us convince you otherwise...

Art knows no boundaries. It flows with the unrestricted thoughts of an artist who creates his masterpiece to take the world by surprise. One of the best ways to announce your creativity, skills, and presence as an artist to the world is by participating in the top international open drawing competitions that can pave your path to success. As a leading fine art gallery, TERAVARNA presents the best platform for artists to find such competitions to participate in, compete in, and win accolades and grand prizes.


We have created an innovative community where the artists will find the right exhibition platform to display their creations to the world. Our gallery works as a meeting point for artists and admirers to gather and appreciate art in one place. We also promote budding artists and professionals from all over the world and let them use our platform to seek inspiration, elevation, and admiration by winning our international open art competition that we hold at regular intervals. The winners are mentioned on our website and promoted through different media channels with their winning entries. However, that’s not all because they also get a congratulatory certificate along with the prizes allotted!

These digital art competitions for artists are a sincere effort to inspire their creativity and let the world be amazed by their masterpieces. The entries in the competition are juried by handpicked jurors who independently select and announce the winners. Once the results are out, the winning entries are then promoted across different platforms to attract more attention from the admirers. Many participating artists also get the opportunity to meet art collectors and sell their artwork through these competitions.

Why wait then? Participate in this open art competition for artists and seek admiration from a global audience. Win and gain accolades to become an established name in the industry. It is time to let the world be fascinated by your talent!

You can participate in any of our upcoming competitions

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