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- A Brief History Of TERAVARNA -


As galleries in Paris, New York, and Los Angeles continued to shut down at an alarming rate, ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY, or ARTsiG as our artist family came to call us endearingly, was established to thwart the deleterious effects of a once-in-a-lifetime raging coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) on the life and livelihood of visual artists all around the world.


Then, once we started to give our artists an international platform to showcase their works, we quickly gained a reputation for helping artists through sponsorships, grants, and cash prizes. This is how a recent reviewer of our gallery described us:


“ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY… is the ultimate promotional tool available to all artists from around the world. It has been compared to having your own gallery show in the SoHo district of New York or at the Champs-Élysées of Paris... only grander and with more fanfare.

For more than two years now, we’ve supported our artists through thick and thin, spending thousands of hours perfecting the art of selling art.


Their art!


Sales aren’t made in vacuum. So we built social networks. Sported a minimalist design. Championed a cleaner look and at the end of the day, we were left to wonder whether, after all our great aspirations and efforts, artists would be rewarded to match their talent’s worth from our brand of art gallery - under the auspices of ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY.

We didn't think they would.


New name? Check. New brand? Check. A world of possibilities for artists? Check.


We brainstormed hours on end only to realize that our gallery name wasn’t quick to register. In the era of plummeting attention spans, we wanted something that was quick to register, without compromising on our brand (and art) philosophy.


Art in itself isn’t spelt out; it’s symbolic. That’s the vision we wanted to adopt with our brand name too. We came to the realization that while ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY had served its purpose beyond our wildest imagination, without a shadow of doubt, it will need help to carve out its niche through significant uniqueness.


But all that starts with a name.


So, what did we need to come up with? We agreed to follow a carefully devised gameplan. Our name should at least be the following: 



A catchier, easier-to-remember name.


Less unwieldy on the tongue, and less bulky, possibly consisting of just one word.


Be personalized and prepared from scratch.


Have the feeling of a gallery that can relate to the current times in which it lives.


Ability to totally stand out when presenting our clientele.


Streamlined website and design to fit the chosen theme.


A word that’s so original that it can't be found in any of the world’s lexicons.


Resonates in multiple languages to uphold our international outlook.

We brainstormed for weeks and came up with all sorts of innovative and whimsical names but none passed our strict version of Rorschach test. None stuck.


None, that is, except one.


The name TERAVARNA checked all the boxes we cared about.



In units of measurement, tera denotes a factor of 10^12.

That's 1 followed by 12 zeroes, or the number 1,000,000,000,000 - a trillion.

For instance, we use terabytes (TB) in computing, which equals a thousand Gigabytes (GB).



Meaning color, the word origin being Sanskrit, an ancient and classical language.

Taken plainly, the word TERAVARNA signifies the concept of "a trillion colors."


- Our Logo -


As unique as our name that’s been concocted from two languages – one archaic and classic, and the other modern and techie – we wanted to bring to life a sense of wonderment when creating our brand logo as well.


What is it that could split into a trillion (tera) from a single color (varna)? 

Screenshot 2023-01-30 21.25.23.png


When we realized the colors of a rainbow were what we ought to be after, a path lighted up in front of us, and we walked over it until we were basking in the glory of eternal sunshine. It was really so simple that it had eluded us all along. A prism splits white light into its components. And that’s literally what we’re trying to achieve. To show the fine shades that arise from neutral white light.

We were that prism!


So, we stand here celebrating our diversity and our differences. In black and in white. In ancient and in new. In seriousness and in playfulness. We aim to shine the light of a single color to break it up into a trillion individual wavelengths as purposefully as we aim to unify a trillion colors into one. With one plain and simple explanation, we could extract a thousand metaphors through what was to be our name and our logo. We knew we were on to something.


Everything fell in place. We got our "T" and our "V" integrated in a single block. All we needed was a ray of light refracting at a certain angle, and a prism that could unweave the white light into its component wavelengths. Piece by piece, we created the architecture that could support our entire philosophy into one solid block that was graceful, ornate, and trendy. The singular light ray was able to find its way through the prism, and out came the nuanced hues.


From one, many. 

Favicon 3.png

- Our Color Scheme -


BLACK: The hexadecimal color code #000000 represents the blackest black and is the darkest color of the spectrum. It’s indicative of the complete absence of color and the complete absorption of physical light. It also stands as a perfect contrast to white. With the RGB color code of (0, 0, 0), it’s neither cool nor warm; like white, it’s a neutral color, and has no hue.


With the RGB color code of (0, 0, 0), black is neither cool nor warm; it’s a neutral color, and has no hue.

WHITE: The hexadecimal color code #FFFFFF is the whitest white that can be, and signifies simplicity, communicating to the viewer a clean and minimalist look. We also liked the idea of a metaphoric blank slate, where practically anything new can be transcribed.



With the RGB color code of (255, 255, 255), white is a neutral color; like black, it has no hue.

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