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Path to Success – How To Win Artist Grants in Art Competition

Irrespective of the substantial artist grants that you can receive by entering big art competitions, many artists often ignore them. They find entering these contests a cumbersome process and sometimes a waste of money. While it might not always be easy to win them, they are anything but a waste of your resources. Not only do you get the chance to win a big cash prize, but you also get the much-needed exposure to the critiques through these competitions. In other words, these competitions can set the stage for you to build your personal brand as an artist and elevate your art career.

Before you rush to register for the next big win, here are some tips that can help you improve your chances.

Painting of a woman creating portrait of her lover

  • Go Through the Details of the Competition

Being an artist, no one can understand the importance of details better than you. Before you decide to participate in any art competition, equip yourself with all the details. Not just about the artist grant but also the rules of the competition and the theme, if applicable. Read them multiple times to make sure you don't miss out on a great opportunity, simply because you missed out on some intricate details.

Properly go through the prerequisite to understand everything that is expected of you as an artist. While this may not directly help you win, it will definitely pave the way going further.

  • Show the Jury What It Wants to See

While all art competitions are unbiased, the personal preferences of the members of the jury do vary. This simple detail can significantly affect your chances of winning because, keeping all the parameters aside, judges also have a set of choices as human beings. So, while one jury member may prefer abstract art, the other can still be more inclined to still life and so on.

While conducting your research, make sure also to research the social media handles of the members of the jury, the past contests they have judged, and other related information. It will give you an insight into their choices and help you submit artwork accordingly.

  • Multiple Entries Mean Multiplied Chance of Winning

Art competitions often have multiple categories, and they choose winners for each of them. When you enter more than one artwork or submit for multiple categories, you also improve your likelihood of winning. Additionally, these competitions aim to choose winners who are serious about their art. It makes sure that the artist grants and also the recognition goes to someone who truly deserves it.

When you send in multiple pieces, it helps the jury, audience, and even the critics recognize your artwork from your style of presentation. Moreover, it gives them a sense that you are a professional dedicated to their art.

  • Familiarize Yourself With the Contest

Instead of spending money on entering every art competition in the hope of winning that artist grant, take some time to pick the right platforms. Find out everything you can about the organizer and the kind of shows they organize at their gallery. If the gallery has any topics or themes they specifically look for, it will help you find that pattern.

Don't hesitate to look up the past winners and study their artworks. Doing so will give you an insight into the materials, the color palettes, and the hues you can experiment with. You will also get more clarity on choosing your artwork for submission.

  • Add Your Details

This is one of the biggest mistakes many artists make, and it can highly impact their probability of winning. Whenever you submit your entries, and you find an option to add other details, always do it. Add your artist bio because it helps the organizers, the general audience, and also the jury in recognizing you. Add a description that explains your art, including what inspired it and what makes it unique. It gives the audience a deeper insight into your thought process and helps them build a personal connection. It also shows the judges that you are serious about your submission.

  • Don’t Undermine Your Chances of Winning

Most artists, especially the newer ones, don't believe they can win. Well, you really can't if you don't enter the competition. Even if it has well-established and renowned participants, don't let the list intimidate you from sending your submission. You never know when a judge on the panel might be looking for fresh talents that have not been discovered yet.

So the last tip to win an art competition is to just enter the competition and give your best!

Artist Grant is a Means To Pursue Your Passion

Winning a huge sum of money in artist grants can help you continue pursuing your passion. You can use it to fund your resources, finance your life, or even your education. Most grants start at $500 and can go as high as the sky itself.

While every artist wishes to win the art competitions they enter, there are only a few winners. However, you can still catch the attention of a potential buyer or bag the editorial coverage you need to kickstart your journey. All you have to do is be meticulous in choosing the gallery that best matches your art style and work to see the most growth. Meanwhile, keep creating!

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