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Booth #837 at the LA Art Show

Updated: May 10, 2023

The first thing that caught our eye when we went to the LA Art show was the immense variety of art there. There were pieces there that looked like they belong on movie sets, and we couldn’t help but stop and admire the multitudes of different forms of art, from the hyper realistic sculpture of a woman on a beach ball to a dodecahedron-like shape fitted in with one-way mirrors that extended inwards to infinity. Paintings of every style and every potential medium lined the wall, and it’s here amidst all the different artwork that TERAVARNA (Art Show International Gallery) found its booth.

Our booth, #837 housed a variety of artists, each with unique styles; from Brett Cassort’s enormous, extending-into-the-distant-horizon landscape paintings, to the splashes of color of Allison McCrady’s abstract landscape work, even Kalu Okpara’s crosshatched at times, smooth at others woodwork, Brandon Waterman’s sculptures that showcased different textures, combining the rough, the smooth, and everything in between, Katherine Varadi’s anachronistic works on still life, and more artists yet. Our goal was to exhibit a dense and varied combination of work in one stall.

We had seven artists, each highly talented but different in their approach of how they saw the world, and how they ended up showing that in their art.

Yeon Joo Lee’s finely detailed, minutely crafted paintings caught the eyes of many a passerby and many people stopped by the booth since her work was one of the few we hung near the entrance. People were drawn in by the attention to detail and they lingered for longer as they then shifted their focus to the rest of the works. Celine Chan’s quilted style of work showcased her immense amount of skill and patience which attracted many a positive comment.

It was very early on that two people became interested buyers; they loved Cassort’s work and they circled back to the booth twice before finalizing their purchase, taking home two black and white Cassort paintings, commenting that they would serve as the opposite to a splash of color in an otherwise eye-searingly bright and colorful room. We proudly put up small red dot stickers on the pieces’ placards as they were sold to interested buyers.

We manned the booth excitedly and diligently that week, talking to many artists and art appreciators alike. It was an experience like no other as we found many of the artists who participated in our online opportunities visit our booth. Each had their own experiences in life which we absorbed in with pleasure.

Closing night was exuberant, people clapped as the announcement for the final five minutes was spoken into the mic and we could feel all the different emotions of the week in the air. The LA Art Show had been a success for many and it was with a feeling of accomplishment and pride that we stepped out of the convention center that night. Not bad for our first in-person show!

You can take a peek inside the LA Art Show Catalog 2023 for TERAVARNA's (ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY) full page spread on pages 26-27.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to Catherine Varadi and her son, Alexander, for helping take down the booth on the final night at the LA Art Show.

We hope to see you in our booth next at Superfine Art Fair.

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