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International Online Art Competition

Creatives like artists need constant inspiration to fuel their imagination. They need a platform that allows their creativity to flourish, a place to display their artwork. With this thought in mind, TERAVARNA has been organizing online International art competitions. We are trying to bridge the gaps in the art industry by helping art transcend all borders and limits. Our platform allows artists to showcase their masterpieces to a vast audience and earn recognition.

Whether you are a budding artist or a professional, our online art competitions are open to all. We will assist you in finding the best opportunities to portray your artistic skills globally, where you will learn, earn and grow. Our online-juried drawing competition is perfect for entering the global art community. It highlights your artwork among the pioneers and helps you gain recognition from art enthusiasts worldwide.


TERAVARNA opens a world of possibilities for artists. Like our unique name, our philosophy is one-of-a-kind, too. That’s why we strive to offer artists a platform where nothing can limit their creativity. They can participate in a New Life Art Competition or Abstract Art Contest online without restrictions on artwork types. 


Moreover, TERAVARNA is admired and visited by global art aficionados in search of art exhibitions and competitions. Our platform is a fantastic place for all artists looking for new ideas and an opportunity to grow. If you’re an artist, participating in TERAVARNA’s international art competitions will give you the following:


Commendable International Exposure

Art contests will help you gain global exposure and acknowledgment. With the right amount of exposure, you can establish your career as a professional artist and build an impressive portfolio. 


Exciting Cash Prizes & Honorary Mentions

To encourage the artists to keep creating their masterpieces, our platform offers cash prizes, honorary mentions, and certificates to add more accolades to your profile.


Chance to Build Connections

TERAVARNA’s International Art Competitions are the perfect way to showcase your artistic skills and seek admiration from renowned art collectors and aficionados. 

Participate in our online art contests now and let your imagination color the world in your hues.

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