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The Biggest Art Shows Around the World You Can’t Miss

Updated: Jul 13

If you have ever been to an art show, you’ll know it’s a lot more than just a bunch of artwork hanging on walls. It’s a display of top-notch creativity, an opportunity to interact with the art community, meet artists, attend workshops, explore art, and finally find some inspiration for yourself. Especially the bigger art shows around the world are immersive experiences that cannot be paralleled in terms of artistic brilliance, learning, and networking opportunities for artists.

TERAVARNA booth from LA Art Show

It's your chance to buy the best of contemporary artworks, meet the bigger names in the industry, and soak yourself in creativity. If you have never been to any of those events ever, it is time to change that and witness the peak of creativity at these art fairs. Here is a list of some of the biggest art shows around the world that every art lover should visit at least once in their life.

1. La Biennale d'Arte di Venezia

La Biennale d'Arte di Venezia, or the Art Biennale of Venice is the oldest exhibition of its kind. Started in 1895 in Venice, Italy, this exhibition holds immense importance in the contemporary art world. Focused on staging rising artists and established contemporary masters, it holds several other events apart from the main exhibition. Their specially curated programs, national pavilions, and collateral events can make this an unforgettable experience for any art lover.

For 2024 the theme is ‘Foreigners Everywhere’ cultivated from the idea that no matter where we come from and wherever we go we will always be foreigners at the core. It celebrates the different meanings of foreigners ranging from self-taught artists, outsiders, refugees, expatriates, diasporic, or even exiled and queer artists. The 2024 Art Biennale in Venice started on April 20 and shall end on November 24, 2024.

2. Art Basel

If you are looking for an art show that displays the pinnacle of contemporary and modern art, infused with innovation, then Art Basel is your answer. It started in Basel, Switzerland during the 1970s and is now spread over four different locations of the world including Hong Kong, Paris, and Miami Beach. All of these events are held annually but Art Basel at Miami Beach is the most popular of them all. 

Art Basel is known for showcasing the premier works from a diverse array of mediums including visual art, digital art, photography, and films. To meet its high standards, the exhibitors can only participate through a gallery that has passed its rigorous selection process. With its extremely high standards and careful curation, the art show has become synonymous with excellence in the global art world.

3. Art Dubai

Art Dubai has been playing a crucial role in putting the art from Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia on the global map for the last 18 years. It is the leading name for art shows and fairs, fostering engagement and awareness of the rich cultural heritage and art practices in these regions. While it is one of the most globally diverse art fairs to be held, it is mainly celebrated for its dedication to promoting art from the Middle East and North Africa.

The exhibition space of this grand art fair is divided into four sections; Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Residents, and Bawwaba. The Residents is a solo art exhibition from artists of invited galleries who will participate in a 4-8 week residency program. Bawwaba on the other hand is a solo exhibition of global south artists, who created their artwork especially for this art show. The exhibition takes place in early March for five days every year and witnesses thousands of visitors and splendid sales.

4. The European Fine Art Fair - TEFAF

Started in 1988 TEFAF by The European Fine Art Foundation, is a leading international art show that started 35 years ago. Visitors can expect to be astonished by the display because every exhibitor is the finest in their respective fields. At a TEFEF art exhibition, you can expect to see works of painting, objects of art, designs, antique furniture, and several other specialties including modern and contemporary art.

This prestigious art show is conducted in two locations every year. The first is in Maastricht Netherlands, conducted in March every year. This Dutch art show is dedicated to representing 7000 years of art history and exhibited works of 270 artists in 2024 TEFAF. Another TEFAF started in 2016 and is held every May in New York. It is for every artist and art lover of modern and contemporary fine art. The latest exhibition in May 2024 exhibited works from 90 galleries including fine art, designs, jewelry, and ancient and tribal artworks. 

5. Frieze Art Fair

The Frieze Art Fair was introduced in London in 2003. It has now expanded to three more locations including New York City, Seoul, and Los Angeles. It is a leading global platform for the exhibition and development of contemporary and modern art. The organization started with Frieze magazine in 1991 and eventually extended it to Frieze Week and Frieze Master’s Magazine. 

Out of all the four art shows, the London Frieze, held every October, offers the most insightful experience. Frieze Masters is also held simultaneously in London and can’t be missed out if you want to experience a diverse array of ancient to modern art in one place. If you cannot make it to London, then Frieze LA takes place each February, Frieze NYC in May, and Frieze Seoul in September. 

6. Art Miami

The second most attended art fair globally, Art Miami is the oldest contemporary art fair in Miami, also known as the world art capital. It is part of the Miami Art Week and is held during the same time as Art Basel and several other art fairs at the Miami Beach Convention Center. It is the premier destination for every art lover who wants to explore the artworks of the 20th and 21st centuries. 

The high quality of the exhibition can be attributed to its collaboration with the most respected galleries across the world. They come together to stage the astounding works of leading and emerging global contemporary artists ranging from pop art to classical modern art, and even post-war collections. The 2024 Art Miami is scheduled from December 3-8 where the 3rd is reserved only for VIP preview and opens to the public on the 4th.

7. India Art Fair

Originated as India Art Summit and then renamed to India Art Fair, this annual event has become a premier name in the Indian and South Asian art world. It takes place in New Delhi during the winter and dedicates 70% of its exhibition space to rising and regional artists of the country. You can also find curated works of international exhibitors and art museums, displaying rarely seen works to create an innovative and immersive experience for visitors. 

The different sections of this art exhibition include Focus for featuring solo artists, Institutions representing works of leading Indian and International museums and art foundations, and Platforms for emerging Indian and South-Asian artists. There are also studios where you can see cutting-edge contemporary art infused with tech and creativity and Outdoor art projects for large-scale installations. The next India Art Fair is scheduled for 6th - 9th February 2025.

Witness Unparalleled Creativity At Top Art Shows of the World

Global art shows are one of the biggest opportunities for an artist to stage their works on a global platform. They bring together art lovers, art curators, collectors, and numerous visitors together under one roof to engage in creativity and art. These events have played a crucial role in boosting the global art industry, popularizing modern and contemporary art, and helping people connect to the creative side of the world. 

These are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that every visitor keeps with them forever. These shows are more than just artistic brilliance and play a crucial role in spreading awareness about pressing issues, educating visitors, and connecting them to the world as a whole. So if you still haven’t experienced these art shows in person, it is time to plan a trip soon because these shows are worth traveling across the world for. 

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