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5 Reasons To Love Figurative Paintings

Updated: Jan 10

Artists, since the beginning of time, have been inclined to draw paintings depicting images from real life. While such artworks have always been around, it was not until recently that we started classifying figurative paintings to differentiate them from abstract art. The existence of figurative art can be traced back to more than 45,000 years ago, with the discovery of an Indonesian painting “Pigs in Ochre.”

The fact alone, that these paintings could be as ancient as forty millennia or more and have drastically evolved ever since makes them intriguing enough to own and love. But don’t worry, because we are not here to discuss history. We just want to give you ample reasons to start loving figurative art, if you already don’t.

Why TERAVARNA Loves Figurative Painting

Without wasting any more time, let us tell you why we always vouch for figurative art:

Relatable Style of Art

If you are a novice art enthusiast, you may find figurative artworks to be much more relatable because they are inspired by objects from real life. Compared to abstract art, which might feel too vague at times, or other artworks that could be too realistic, figurative paintings manage to strike a balance between the two channels of artistic imagination. Owing to their representational nature, they are often inspired by the monotony of life and everyday instances, making it easier to find a place in your heart. 

Awakens Your Curiosity

You will find a lot of figurative paintings focusing on human figures depicted in different ways. The fact that you get to see only a glimpse of it often stirs curiosity among the viewers, pushing them to make their own interpretations. It can be quite compelling, trying to decode the mystery behind what the figure might be thinking, or what follows right after. That tinge of curiosity can make your thoughts wonder and make you want to spend more time with the painting.  

Adds Visual Appeal To Your Place

Figurative paintings have an aesthetic charm that comes from adding an artistic take to mundane things of life. They can bring together the best of both worlds on one canvas. Another reason is that most figurative paintings are usually quite minimal. Their minimalistic design makes it easy to add them anywhere without much thought. Thus, figurative artwork can not only make your space look more sophisticated, but it can also be your statement decor to add a touch of elegance.

A Blend of Modern and Vintage

Contemporary artists often add their own touch to traditional figures, giving them a unique charm. Figurative art gives an artist the freedom to explore traditional styles and blend them with modern techniques to create their own version of an artwork. Thus it is not only a medium ground to combine the old and new, but also a source of inspiration for newer creations.

Love Comes In All Shapes and Sizes

If you have been looking for options to decorate your house or any other space with artwork, starting with figurative paintings can be a good choice. Since the subjects of figurative artwork can vastly vary, they also come in varying shapes and sizes. This makes them an excellent choice for different spaces in your house. You can place the smaller ones on your shelves, and install the bigger ones on your walls. As already mentioned, their minimalist design makes them a perfect choice for almost any place. So if you are in confusion the next time, pick that figurative painting to amp up your space.

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philippe Aldéhy
philippe Aldéhy
Jan 12



philippe Aldéhy
philippe Aldéhy
Jan 12

Très bon article, merci!

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