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Why Do Artists Love to Create Paintings of Animals

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Paintings of animals are one of the oldest forms of art that we know of. Even if we talk about cave paintings, many of them were different forms of animals such as wild pigs in the caves of Indonesia. They are said to be created more than 45,000 years ago. With such a long history of creation, there must be some reason why animal art is loved so fervently. Not just paintings, but also sculptures and animal photography have been the most popular choices for artists for a long time now.

Animal painting of a lion

Let’s explore the reasons that make this genre of art so lovable across the world. 

It Helps Artists Stay Connected to Wildlife

Creating animal art is one of the best ways to stay connected to wildlife. Every time they draw or paint an animal, they research it and study their pictures. Some also prefer to observe them in person, in their natural habitat. 

Activities like these allow an artist to maintain their connection with these creatures of the wild. They learn about that animal on a more intimate level that goes beyond their biological anatomy. They get to know the tendencies of the animal, their behavior, habits, and a lot more. Indisputably, animal paintings are one of the best ways to stay connected to the natural world. 

It Boosts Your Imagination and Creativity

If you are familiar with the wide variety of animal paintings being created out there, you will know they are not always real animals. Animal art lets an artist be creative and break all the barriers of the real world. Some artists love to paint mythological or imaginary animals which do not even exist in reality.

Such painting exercises can be a great boost to your creativity because what you create is purely a result of your imagination. It pushes you to think of the minutest details and decide your approach to creating the artwork. You start focusing on basics like the color theory, the anatomy of the animal, its nature, and how you want to depict it. When you start creating imaginary animals, you achieve the power to imagine beyond what lies in the real world.

Painting Animals Can Be a Stress-Buster

Unlike paintings of humans, animal art offers a lot more liberty to beginner-level artists. Some of the animals are also much easier to paint as compared to many other themes of art. Another advantage is that it often doesn’t come without the pressure of perfection. Hence the artist doesn’t always have to create realistic animal paintings. They can create imaginary ones too.

Paintings of animals are far more adaptable and can easily be altered in the name of creativity or dramatization. Although it should not be your excuse to create lousy artwork, it can definitely be a relief for beginners. 

It is Loved By Children

Children have a much shorter attention span than most adults. If a parent wants to push them to get their creative wheels rolling, they need to find them artistic activities that can hold their interest. Creating paintings of animals can be one such activity. As already mentioned, they are much easier to paint and also quite engaging. 

Not just that, if you are a parent, you can use this time to bond with your child and teach them about the different types of animals. It will help them understand the nature of different animals and also fall in love with some of those cute creatures.

Painting of Animals Can Be Memories of Pets

Many pet parents often want to get their fur babies immortalized through art either before or after their passing. It is their way of honoring a beloved family member and keeping them in their memories.

This love for their pet often pushes pet owners to look for artists who take commissioned works. Owing to its popularity, many artists often undertake commissioned projects to create pet portraits and pet paintings for their clients. While the project is a financial aid to the artist, the artwork becomes a treasured memory for the client.

You Get to Explore The Exotic Animal World

There are numerous types of animals in various corners of the world that most of us don’t even know of. Even if we do, it’s not quite possible to always see them for real. Some of them have even been declared rare species that demand conservation whereas some are already extinct. 

Delving deeper into the world of animal paintings allows you to explore the hidden and unseen world of such animals. Even if you cannot see them in real life, or if they have gone extinct, they can still continue to live in your art.

A Great Addition to Home Decor

The importance of animal art in home decor cannot go unnoticed in contemporary times anymore. Depending on personal taste, art collectors and even people in general who are looking for home decor options get pulled toward animal art. Intricately created sculptures and paintings of animals have become a symbol of elegance in interior design.

The rising demand for animal art in home decor pushes many artists to continue creating such works that can adorn the walls of your home and office spaces. 

The Universal Love For Animal Paintings is Perpetual

Paintings of Animals have become a league of their own. Having been in existence for more than thousands of years, it has now become a whole new genre of art. They are diverse, adaptable, colorful, and widely loved. 

Keeping up with the spirit of this art theme, TERAVARNA has always encouraged artists to create more animal artworks. A proof of this is our Animal Art Competition which witnesses participation from hundreds of artists from around the world at every edition.  We have seen wide interpretations of this theme and creativity from artists that have never failed to amaze us.

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