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6 Inspiring Abstract Art Ideas to be a Show-Stopper in Your Next Exhibition

Updated: May 12, 2023

Do you want to create the same visuals with lines, shapes, patterns, and forms as earlier? However, creativity always needs a boost to easily portray those important elements of abstract art on plain white paper. But have you, as an artist ever thought of taking one step ahead? With creativity and innovation, you can get a wonderful idea to adjust and structure these shapes for your next masterpiece.

Coming up with unique ideas every time is a challenge, but with a little help, you can do it. All you have to do is, think beyond boundaries, tilt your perspective a little, and create anything like abstract colorful art, images, and scenes in a way no one ever has.

Adding a touch of reality to your art piece can be a great way to be the next show-stopper of an international art exhibition and get entry into the art community.

To help you stay motivated and keep creating, here we have compiled some of the best abstract art ideas for you. Check out and paint your next masterpiece.

Textured Background Abstract:

artwork on the gallery walls

If you dream of showcasing your artwork on the gallery walls, try textured background abstracts. The only point in creating this artwork is to make it look real, deeper, and have more dimension. Adding different textures on a white canvas is one way to move forward.

However, as a professional artist, your creativity has no bounds. You can give any painting or drawing a beautiful texture and turn it into an extraordinary artwork. All you have to do is experiment with different textures.

Tools and materials, like brushes, palette knives, and sponges, will further enhance your work. However, you are not limited to them. You can always use leaves and fabric and combine techniques like layering, scraping, splattering, dripping, or stenciling to let your imagination awe-inspire the audience.

Flowers Abstract:

Flowers Abstract Art

Nature is the artist’s best friend. So why not let it be your muse for the next artwork? But adding any floral design isn’t as simple as selecting and painting your favorite flowers. You need to be mindful of each stroke's effect on your abstract art. One way could be to explore different artists’ works and see what inspires you to create many other paintings with varying flowers like cherry blossom, rose, lily, and lotus.

You can also create one by dipping a leaf, petal, or any other flower part in acrylics or watercolors to add depth to the design. Every innovative idea deserves appreciation, which is what ‘Teravarna’ focuses upon. Our digital art gallery encourages professional and upcoming artists to showcase their works in the abstract exhibition where your art can find the right audience and exposure. We also offer exciting grants for artists to let every creative work freely color the world and our brilliant artists.

Splashing, Dripping, & Splattering Abstract:

Splattering Abstract art

After textured and floral ideas, the next thing that deserves a place on your canvas is a splash-drip-splatter abstract art idea. By letting your hands move in a set motion, an incredible masterpiece will become alive to make you an overnight sensation.

Another technique is action painting. It is a modern way to paint and is perfect if you’re about to make your way into abstract art. All it takes is dipping your brush in your favorite paint and splashing it on the canvas. The color will drip and splatter, creating shapes, patterns, and figures of any design you want.

The best part of this art– it doesn’t restrict you. You can splash any color in any way.

Figure Line Abstract Drawing:

Figure Line Abstract Drawing

If you want something simple and easy, creating human figures using lines is a good option. To get started, you must first draw shapes, such as circles, square triangles, or other curves, as the basis of the figure you want to draw. Later, you can draw lines extending from the shape in different directions using a pen or pencil. You can also experiment with your art by giving lines varied thicknesses and textures to create visual interest.

Once you have completed the basic composition of your figure, add color to enhance your abstract effect. You can use watercolor, colored pencils, or markers to create bold, vibrant colors or soft, muted tones. But you must remember that abstract art is about experimentation and exploration. Don't worry about making your figure look ‘perfect’ or ‘realistic.’ Let your creativity flow and embrace itself.

Abstract Self Portrait:

Abstract Self Portrait Art

An abstract self-portrait is a unique and creative way to depict yourself in your artwork. To create this type of work, you must focus on capturing your essence rather than a realistic representation of your physical features. Start by selecting a color palette that represents your personality or mood. You can use acrylic paints, watercolors, or any other medium that you prefer.

Then, sketch some basic shapes and forms that represent you, such as your outline, facial appearance, or body language. Remember, an Abstract self portrait is about expressing emotions and feelings through shapes, colors, and textures. So be free to experiment and try new things.

Watercolor Landscape Abstract Art:

Watercolor Landscape Abstract Art

Watercolor landscape abstract art is a beautiful and expressive way to capture the natural scene. To empower your imagination, start by selecting a landscape that inspires you. You can choose a mountain range, forest, or beach. Then, use watercolor paints to create loose, flowing brushstrokes that capture the moment and aura of that landscape.

As you know, experimenting is synonymous with art. So, experiment as much as you can with your landscape ideas. Use different colors and shades to create depth and dimension, or use techniques such as wet-on-wet or dry-brush to create exciting textures and patterns.

Remember that abstract art is about capturing the feeling and essence of a scene rather than creating a realistic depiction. So, dip your brush in the paint and get started.

Final Verdict!

These were some of the most amazing and unique abstract art ideas, which can be a superb combination for your next work. You can let your hands flow in any direction and explore these and many more ideas to create your next-best artwork.

However, if you already have an idea and want to showcase it, then Teravarna is one of the top art galleries that is always ready to host your artwork. We understand how much effort you put into every artwork. So, as a token of appreciation, we offer artist grants to all the participants who win in our art competitions.

Our online art gallery is open to all artists. So, consider it and submit your best artwork with us now.

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