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1st Budapest International Art Show


Saturday, June 3rd @ 5:00 PM


Saturday, 20th May through Tuesday, 20th June 2023

TERAVARNA is proud to cosponsor the 1st Budapest International Art Show


77 artists from 31 countries will present their work

in one of the region's premiere international art and cultural events

at the Golden Duck Gallery

The Opening Ceremony will be a celebrity event filled with music and entertainment.

Food and refreshments will be served.

The 1st Budapest International Art Show (artBIAS) begins on Saturday, 20th May and runs through Tuesday, 20th June 2023 at the Golden Duck Gallery. Regular hours are Tuesday through Saturday, from 2:00 PM until 7:00 PM Central European Time, or by appointment. The Grand Opening for the 1st artBIAS is scheduled for Saturday,  3rd June at 5:00 PM. The gallery is situated very close to the banks of River Danube in the heart of downtown Budapest, and is just a short walking distance from the historic Hungarian Parliament Building. Held during the European summer months, this prime venue promises massive exposure to international art lovers and collectors.


Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to soak in the booming contemporary European art scene. The program promises to present many forward-thinking artists, showcasing new works by both established and emerging ones. The exhibition will provide a unique perspective on contemporary art for collectors and art lovers alike. What better way to learn about the current trends than to see firsthand the works of talented international artists, network with artists and art connoisseurs, and find yourself at home in a place that sharpens your knowledge and appreciation of art?


As one of the first and most significant contemporary art fair of the region, the entry tickets for the Grand Opening will be highly sought-after by cultural influencers during the duration of the 1st artBIAS. More than just visual arts, visitors to artBIAS will have access to live performance by an eclectic mix of renowned and exciting musical artists shaping emerging scenes and genres. Past performances at this venue include musicians, artists, influencers, and other prominent luminaries from the local art and cultural scene.

 77 artists from 31 countries will present their work in one of the biggest arts and cultural events

Mission & Vision

Catherine Varadi, CEO & Founder of Golden Duck Gallery, shares with us her vision of what lies in store for our viewers of artBIAS.

Hear in her own words why she feels that this event, on hindsight, will likely be considered a watershed moment for the local art and culture scene.

Videography Credit: Alexander Varadi

History & Concept


Overwhelmed by the masterfully-rendered artworks that were presented for the 1st Budapest Art Show (artBIAS) by so many talented artists, the selection had to go through two stringent levels of blind jurying process. Unfortunately, with limited wall space, in the end we could bring to you only a small subset of the large body of creative works that had been initially presented to us.

This one-of-a-kind exhibition has been possible through a close collaborative partnership between two of the fastest growing and dynamic contemporary fine art galleries on opposite sides of the Atlantic. As such, art collectors will have a diverse body of works to choose from, and viewers will appreciate the confluence of variegated styles and concepts around them. In many cases, the artists will be present in person to discuss their works.

Due to the extensive promotions through local news outlets, media channels, and international press, we fully expect this to be a gala event with very high foot-traffic, leading to great exposure and sales.


 This one-of-a-kind event has been through a close collaborative partnership between two of the fastest growing contemporary art galleries

In Attendance

As a fine art gallery that has been well known not only in Europe but also internationally for its eclectic and diverse mix of ongoing programs, Golden Duck Gallery has taken significant strides to collaborate with the local community and art scene. Among them has been Fine Arts Capital, the Hungarian Artists' Association, and "Fifth Season," the famous Hungarian music band, with whom they created "Seasons Gallery Music Club." The gallery's activities are regularly featured by the Hungarian NovArt Art & Cultural Magazine.


The gallery events are attended by well-known figures who play leading roles in the nation's art, music, and cultural movement, foremost among them being Csoóri Sándor, Zalatnai Brigitta and Szabó Sipos Barnabás.


The gallery's philanthropic activities are wide-ranging as well, and a portion of the generated income is donated among non-profit organizations. Among the invitees will be The Hungarian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted (MVGYOSZ), which operates Guide Dog Training Center, of whom the gallery has been an eminent donor.

Awards & Prizes

Several prizes and honorary mention awards are planned to be handed out to artists at the exhibition. Some of these include:​ Best in Show Award, Special Jury Award, Special Recognition Award, Gallerist Award, People's Choice Award, Director's Award, Best Concept Award, Golden Duck Gallery Special Award, and TERAVARNA Talent Award.

Other than exposure  through the exhibition, artists will be extensively promoted through both online and offline channels. All artists' works will be displayed both on TERAVARNA's and Golden Duck Gallery's website, and all participating artists will receive Certificates of Recognition.

Many different kinds of visual art will be on display at the gallery, including Painting & Mixed Media, Photography & Digital, and Sculpture & 3D Installation.

Participating Artists

The artists presenting their artworks at the 1st Budapest International Art Exhibition is as wide-ranging in their motif as they are in their geographic diversity. Our artists hail from all over the globe - across 5 continents and 31 countries!

Adi Oz-Ari, ISRAEL | Anastasija Juceviciene, LITHUANIA | André Farnier, FRANCE | Axel Becker, GERMANY | Beatriz Elorza, ITALY | Bela Balog, HUNGARY | Bernard Dumaine, FRANCE | Beverly Strom Bluth, USA | Branka Grubic, CROATIA | Brigitta Körmöndi, HUNGARY | Carmen Heidi Kroese, GERMANY | Cecile Dinge, FRANCE | Dasha Pears, FINLAND | David Ebner, USA | Donika Slavova, BULGARIA | Eddy Verloes, BELGIUM | Elly Hadjipateras, UK | Eric Li, USA | Eva Fellner, AUSTRIA | Filleul Olivier dit Ofil, FRANCE | Giselle Ibarra, USA | Gjert Rognli, NORWAY | Greta Schnall, GERMANY | Hsiu-Min Hung, TAIWAN | I. Khan, NETHERLANDS | ‪Ibrahim Barghoud‬‏, AUSTRIA | Inge Aerden, BELGIUM | Irena Orlov, USA | Iryna Akimova, UKRAINE | István Máté, HUNGARY | Jean-Rene Rinvil, HAITI | Jennifer Spencer, USA | Ji Young Kim, SOUTH KOREA | John Steffen, HUNGARY | Jorgen Folkersen, DENMARK | Kiril Krastev-Kiroki, BULGARIA | Koreny Ildikó, HUNGARY | Leili Khabiri, UK | Lillian Christiansson, SWEDEN | Maj-Britt Niklasson, SWEDEN | Maj-Lis Uller, SWEDEN | Marcelle Mansour, AUSTRALIA | Marie Claude Archambault de Vençay, FRANCE | Melinda Fehér, HUNGARY | Michaela Steinacher, AUSTRIA | Mildrid Rømo, NORWAY | Mingan Guo, MALTA | Narcisa Šehić, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA | Natalia Nik, HUNGARY | Nataliya Schumacher, GERMANY | Neena Singh, INDIA | Nevenka Spasic-Thater, SERBIA | Nina Pancheva, UK | Olga Berg, HUNGARY | Olga Volodina, BULGARIA | Øystein Jacobsen, NORWAY | Petra Stefankova, SLOVAKIA | Philippe Chatillon (Aldehy), FRANCE | Renata Maroti, HUNGARY | Rita Cristina Ghise, PORTUGAL | Ruth Schmidt, HUNGARY | Ryosuke Ishii, FRANCE | Rzyski Christian, BELGIUM | Sally Duncan, AUSTRIA | Sean Anthony Winn, USA | Stefano N. Curti, USA | Svetlana Martin, GERMANY | Sylvia Galos, AUSTRIA | Tania Stupnikova, SLOVAKIA | Tímea Hadar, HUNGARY | Tiziana D'Ambrosio, ITALY | Tobe A. Roberts, USA | Tomás Castaño, SPAIN | Wolfgang Graue, GERMANY | Yu Xiaodong, CHINA | Zita Vēvere, LATVIA | Zita Vilutyte, LITHUANIA

Maps & Directions

The Golden Duck Gallery is conveniently located in downtown Budapest,. They're open Tuesday through Saturday, from 2:00 PM until 7:00 PM. The Grand Opening of the 1st artBIAS is on Saturday,  3rd June at 5:00 PM. 

Address: Raday Street 31B, Budapest 1092, Hungary


Telephone: +36 30 219 1043 / +36 20 250 6441

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