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How Themed Art Competitions Elevate Artists to New Heights

Pursuing your career as an artist and being able to make a decent living out of it is fairly challenging. Artists often look for ways to elevate their careers to new heights, and participating in art competitions can be one of the most convenient and organized ways to climb that ladder. Not just physical art competitions, but in the last few years, themed online art competitions have become all the rage and they are taking the entire art scene by storm.

If you're still unsure about how these competitions can benefit your art career, here are our top 5 reasons to convince you otherwise.

  • Create Your Identity in the Industry

Participating in themed art competitions puts your work in front of key persons in the industry. The jury members in these competitions are usually artists and experts with an established identity in the art world. You don’t only get to display your work to them, but it can also give you a standing in the art world if they like or recommend your work. Moreover, your work is exposed to the people from media and other art enthusiasts without you having to put effort into approaching them.

  • More Work Opportunities

Be it an online art competition or something organized physically, competitions on a larger scale attract a lot of art enthusiasts. Interested buyers often keep a lookout for these competitions, scouting artworks they would want to buy. When your work gets in front of their eyes, it could lead to you finding new clients and paid gigs to kickstart your career. Especially when they are themed competitions, it becomes easier to find clients and work opportunities directly related to your niche.

  • Confidence Booster

It takes some level of confidence to put your work out there for others to evaluate and give feedback. It can even feel quite intimidating if it is your first time. However, once you regularly start participating in themed art competitions, consistent reviews, praise, feedback, and incoming work opportunities can prove to be a great confidence booster. It can make you look forward to upcoming art competitions and also help you present your work with more confidence when it comes to clients or other art enthusiasts.

  • Insight Into Your Art

Taking part in art competitions is your chance to get honest feedback on your work. Especially if it is a juried art competition, you can expect deep insight into your skills and technique that can help you drastically improve your art. The feedback received in such competitions is often detailed and can give you a new perspective to approach your work. In some cases, it can also be your much-needed push to take that leap and explore areas of your niche you have always been afraid of. If in case, the members of the jury do not provide feedback for every submission, they might be happy to share it if you send in a personal request.

  • Chance to Interact With Other Artists

Participating in themed art contests gives you a chance to meet other artists in your niche. You can interact with them, study and learn more about their artwork and chances are you might come across new styles and techniques that can inspire you as well. Even if they are online art competitions, you can study their work through the virtual displays. In either case, themed art contests are a great way to network with other artists and open doors for collaborations and other work-related opportunities.

Themed Art Competitions Are Your Pathway To Glory

Making efforts to participate and stand out in art competitions can bring a plethora of opportunities your way. Not just the exposure, but most art competitions across the world also offer cash prizes to the winning entries. While the cash prize should not be your primary reason for participation, it can definitely help you finance your expenses and even art supplies.

If you have been looking for similar opportunities, TERAVARNA ART GALLERY also organizes online art competitions twice a month based on different themes. Don’t forget to check them out for cash prizes, exposure, feedback, and recognition.

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