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5 Reasons to Look Forward to the 2nd artBIAS in Budapest

The 2nd Budapest International Art Show, or artBIAS, as we endearingly call it, is just around the corner. The energy from artists is electric and the submissions have been pouring in from all across the world. TERAVARNA has opened its doors to entries from interested artists for jurying and the deadline closes on April 15, 2024. It is to be noted that only the winners of the jury will get the chance to display their artworks at the Golden Duck Gallery for 2nd artBIAS in Budapest, Hungary.  The show starts on June 04 and will run till July 06, 2024, at one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe.

A glance from the artBIAS 2023

If you are still confused and contemplating your decision to participate in this show, here are our 5 reasons to convince you. Keep reading! 

1. Display for a Month in the Heart of Europe

As already mentioned, the 2nd artBIAS is to be held in Budapest, Hungary which is also the heart of Europe. What adds more to the excitement is that it will run for a little over one month. This means every winning artist will get to display their work in one of the most prime locations of the continent for the complete duration of the show. The display not only brings more exposure to your work but also opens the door to more artistic opportunities for you.

2. Exhibit for Free

Yes, you read that right! While we are charging a small jurying fee, there are no further charges for display. Artists are free to send in their best artworks with no bars to theme and if you win, you will get the chance to display. We are conducting a blind jury and if your work gets selected, all you need to do is send your artwork to us. We would love to display your craft on the walls of the Golden Duck Gallery. With our success in the 1st artBIAS, this is one of the most economical exhibit opportunities in Europe for any interested artist.

3. Opportunity to Sell Your Work

The winning artists don’t only get to display their work, but you will also have the chance to find a buyer for your craft. The artists will have the option to put their work up for sale or simply display it at this event of culture and craft. The visitors’ entry to the exhibition is free of cost, which increases the sales opportunity for artists by many folds. If you are still not convinced, we are exhibiting by the banks of the River Danube, just a short walk from the Hungarian Parliament Building. The building attracts 700,000 visitors every year and is one of the major tourist attractions in Europe. 

4. Network with Peers

An art exhibition is not just about displaying your work, it is also a goldmine for networking opportunities. If you have been struggling to find like-minded people from the industry, there is nothing better than an art exhibition to get started. You not only meet other artists, but also the organizers, potential buyers, and other relevant names from the industry. The social setting of an art exhibition gives you the opportunity to reach out and connect with people without any hesitation or reason to feel shy. It is all about gaining experience and finding allies in the game!

5. An International Ensemble of Artists

The first artBIAS witnessed artworks on display from 77 artists from 30 countries of the world. All the love and support from our artists has made this exhibition an international name and an opportunity they look forward to. For the 2nd artBIAS, we are expecting an even broader spectrum of diversity and culture, that all comes together in a beautiful artistic frame. It isn’t every day that you get an opportunity to display your work at an international platform like ours and that too at such reasonable costs.

artBIAS is a Blend Of Art, Culture, and Creativity

artBIAS is not just an art exhibition but a global opportunity for artists to experience the nuances of the industry. It brings together the local culture of Budapest, the beauty of Europe, and artists of the world at one stage. It’s a celebration of creativity where artists have multiple choices on how they wish to display their work. Artists have been asking us why we are doing it at such low fees and we always tell them because we always put our artists — YOU First!

Come, and experience the wonders of artBIAS with us, where you get to celebrate every artwork among the picturesque beauty of Budapest!

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