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Please carefully read the guidelines to familiarize yourself with the submission process, especially if you ain’t familiar with how Google Sheets and Google Drive work. It will make the entire process much easier for you. 

You can always return to the submission page by bookmarking this URL:

You can also refer to this video tutorial to help you navigate through the spreadsheet and Google Drive.

All highlighted fields are clickable and will open files or links that can serve as visual aids.


Google Spreadsheet

A. Click here to open the Submission Form

B. Make a copy of this submission form

IMPORTANT:  Please note that you will have to make a copy of the submission form and the TERAVARNA Marketplace Spreadsheet is just a ‘View Only’ file, thus it CANNOT be edited. 

To make a copy, click on File (top left), and scroll down to click ‘Make a Copy.’


A pop-up will open asking you to name the file.


In the blue highlighted field, type in your full name EXACTLY as you'd like it to be used on your artist profile.


Make sure you check the box that says Copy comments.'


Click on the green  button.

C. Double-check to confirm that the file has been named correctly, i.e. your full name should be the filename. Once you successfully create a copy, you will notice that the file URL has changed to a new one.

D. Share the spreadsheet with us via email to

To share the file, click on the green button that says ‘Share’ at the top right corner of your sheet.

It will open a pop-up titled “Share with people and groups.”

Go to the field that says add people and groups,

Type in TERAVARNA or

Click on the blue "Send" button. This will deliver the file right to our inbox. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure you grant editing permission to TERAVARNA to access your Google file.

E. Start with Row 4. Note that the first row (Row 3) is given solely as an example. It's recommended that you don't delete this. You can then keep adding artworks in Rows 5, 6, and so on.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you are supposed to fill in all the YELLOW HIGHLIGHTED columns from A to Z. We will NOT be able to upload your artwork to the Marketplace if the sheet is incomplete, thus unnecessarily delaying the process.

F. Each row (horizontal line) will contain information on one artwork; For your second artwork, use the next row, and so on. You can list unlimited artworks (yes, you read that right!), however, keep in mind that we can only upload up to 5 new works per week from each artist.

G. Keep in mind that your net earnings will be the selling price minus commissions (and perhaps shipping and handling).

IMPORTANT: If your work sells, the artwork's selling price will NOT be what you earn, so adjust for commission in the listing price. Remember that listing the price of your artwork and letting buyers make an offer will make it more than 10 times more likely for your work to sell which is why we highly recommend doing so.

H. By following all the above steps, you will be done creating the spreadsheet. It is now time to move on to the Google Drive folder.


Google Drive

A. You may only submit JPG or JPEG files, which must be at least 72 dpi and at least 1,200 pixels on the shortest end. The image requirements are to be followed mandatorily to uphold the quality standards of the images.

B. Name each image file of your artwork according to the naming convention Artist Last Name - Title. For example, the image of artwork titled Mona Lisa should have the filename DA VINCI - MONA LISA. 

C. Following the above two steps, upload the image of all the artworks on the drive. 

IMPORTANT: The only way TERAVARNA will be able to access your artwork images is by accessing your Google Drive. Hence, please follow the steps carefully. 

If you're unfamiliar with Google Drive, simple instructions on how to do this can be found here, and in greater detail here. You're also welcome to search on - yes - Google. :)

You do not need to add all your artwork to your Google Drive at this time. In fact, it's strongly recommended you add only 3-5 works each week to make it a continuous process rather than adding all images in an all-you-can-eat buffet style. For this, just make a note of the URL or bookmark your Google sheet so you can return as often as you like to add more works.

Remember to upload ALL your artwork images to your Google Drive folder BEFORE moving on to the next step.

D. Once you've added all your image files to Google Drive, copy-paste the EXACT URL of your Google Drive onto the blue row near the top of the spreadsheet. This will provide easy access to your drive link.

E. Share the link with us via email.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you grant editing permission to TERAVARNA to access your Google Drive folder.

F. If you still have questions, send an email to for a quick response. Good luck! :) 

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