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14-18 February 2024

Los Angeles Convention Center

TERAVARNA is proud to be hand-picked as a partner gallery once again at the LA Art Show


The LA Art Show is...

"The Most Comprehensive International Contemporary Art Show in America"



But what is it that makes the LA Art Show extraordinary?

Well... this!

LA Art Show (2).jpg

With 70,000 visitors and $30 million in art sales over 5 days,
this is an experience like no other.



Or check out how our juried exhibition aims to fill limited spots at our booth at the LA Art Show.

About Our Partnership

TERAVARNA has once more opened its doors to accept applications for a juried exhibition at the LA Art Show. This is an incredible opportunity and an unparalleled international art experience with over 120 galleries, museums, and non-profit arts organizations from around the world exhibiting painting, sculpture, works on paper, installation, photography, design, video, and performance. This show is the largest and longest-running art show in LA, and all works presented by galleries are available for purchase by high-end collectors.

Screenshot 2023-11-24 173351.png

TERAVARNA's (then ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY) Booth #837 at the February 2023 LA Art Show event.


Los Angeles has emerged as a global epicenter of art & culture, with a distinct, interwoven multi-cultural influence unique to the city. Diversity is our strength and art is most impactful when it includes or transcends all borders. As LA rises as the world-class destination for art, the LA Art Show continues to lead the way with innovative programming and one-of-a-kind experiences for an expanding collecting audience. 

Selected artists get to showcase their work for free,
with no strings attached.


LA Art Show (1).jpg


​​We want to welcome a wide genre of art, artists, and art lovers at this show. To that end, any and all subjects are welcome: the competition has an OPEN theme. To maximize your chances of being selected by the jury for this show, please feel free to make any additional submissions from any and all themes. Artists are given liberty to choose from both representational and abstract concepts. Similarly, visual arts of all kin will be considered, including but not limited to Painting & Mixed Media, Photography & Digital, and Sculpture & 3D Installation. Please note that you must be 18 years to participate in any of our events.




Friday December 22, 2023


Additional information on timeline can be found below.

Awards & Prizes

Participation at the February 2024 LA Art Show is 100% free for invited participating artists, and after jury selection, there are no hidden costs associated with displaying artworks at the exhibition.

Please note that only winning artists from our juried open call will be invited to present their artworks at the show. Artists will need to sign a contract, and in the event of any sales, TERAVARNA will charge a standard commission rate.

Held at the iconic Los Angeles Convention Center, the LA Art Show is one of the most prestigious art shows in the country. The city, by virtue of being the second largest city in the United States, boasts a thriving and prolific art market in the nation second only to New York. Artists will enjoy exposure from a highly publicized event and promoted extensively in local news outlets, media channels, and press events. All winning artists will be provided Certificates of Recognition.


Don't miss looking back at TERAVARNA's artist line-up
in the LA Art Show 2023 catalog on pages 26-27
where we appear under our previous moniker,



Screenshot 2023-11-30 152334.png

LA Art Show + TERAVARNA + Artsy


Artsy, as a VIP partner of both LA Art Show and TERAVARNA, will continue to highlight and promote the event long after the show officially ends. In 2023, some of the most significant art sales for TERAVARNA coming through Artsy channel were executed in the days and weeks following the show. During the same period, the artists who TERAVARNA represented at the LA Art Show received the highest spikes in viewership as well as pre-sales inquiry from collectors over the entire year.

"Filled with an abundance of inspiring art,
LA Art Show 2023 was one of the best shows in recent memory."




Entries Open – NOW

Deadline for Entries - FRIDAY DECEMBER 22, 2023

Winner Notification Starts - January 5, 2024

Artworks MUST be received by TERAVARNA - February 2, 2024

Installation and mounting of winning artworks - February 13, 2024

LA Art Show VIP Opening Night - February 14, 2024

LA Art Show Starts - February 15, 2024

LA Art Show Ends - February 18, 2024

At the conclusion of the show, participating artists will have the choice to ship their unsold artworks to them or place them in our secured gallery storage facility for possible shows at future venues.


The entry fee for each artwork is $20 (non-refundable). 


Although not required, it is strongly recommended that multiple artworks are submitted in order to provide a clear and cohesive understanding of the artist's portfolio in a physical art gallery setting. The jury will look at the entire body of work in a holistic manner. TERAVARNA hopes for long-term collaboration with artists.


Artwork painted on materials other than stretched canvas will need to be framed because they cannot be exhibited without a frame. Unfortunately, LA Art Show does not allow selling of any limited edition prints so all artworks submitted must be originals only.

Shipping and insurance of all artworks are the artist's responsibility. Detailed instructions will be provided to winners shortly after jury selection. All packing and labelling instructions will also be provided at the time. Please note that since we have limited wall space availability, we have the right to place restrictions on the dimensions of artworks that can be on display at this show.

Note that TERAVARNA doesn't promise entrant artists to win a prize in money or money's worth in any of its competitions. Only artists selected by an independent jury from a pool of applicants will be given the opportunity to showcase their artworks at the art show.

How to Apply


1. Click on the number of artworks you'd like to submit​ from one of the options below and proceed to make a payment. You can pay by PayPal or with credit card

2. After successful payment, you'll be redirected back to where you can upload your images and other details.

NOTE: If you have any issues with your image submissions, please contact us at

Apply Now




Although not required, it is strongly recommended that multiple artworks are submitted in order to provide a clear and cohesive understanding of the artist's portfolio.

You can also participate in any of our other upcoming competitions.

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