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What Are The Benefits of The Portrait Art Competition

Portrait art has been around for thousands of years and is also one of the most loved styles of art. Be it because it depicts living beings in different aspects of their life or because it feels easier to connect with a human subject matter, there are various reasons why it is loved so widely.

Given the love for portrait art, portrait art competitions have also been grabbing the limelight, and we must say that it is for all the right reasons. If you are also a portrait artist and are confused about all the hype around these competitions, then you are at the right place. There are several benefits of participating in a portrait art competition and we are here to explain them all to you. 

Benefits of Portrait Art Competition

Without any further delays, let’s dive straight into the different benefits of participating in these competitions. 

1. Opportunity to Come Across New Techniques

One of the biggest advantages of participating in art competitions on a larger scale is that they attract a huge number of interested artists. A bigger number of artists means a higher submission rate and thus more diversity in their techniques and style. In other words, it is an opportunity for you to study different styles and techniques all at one place. You might come across artworks that have been created using a stroke style that you are not familiar with and thus it can be your chance to study it and see if you would like to implement it in your own work. 

2. Networking Opportunities

When you participate in a niche art competition like a portrait art contest or let’s say, an abstract or figurative art contest, it gives you a chance to meet people working in that specific niche. Unless they didn’t understand the details of the contest, most of the participating artists as well as the spectators will be people interested in that specific style of work. You can take advantage of these competitions to meet other portrait artists or members of the jury and build your network. Remember, just relying on your skills may not always be sufficient when it comes to selling your artwork or growing it on a more professional level. In such cases, you will also need a network of experts in your field to help elevate your career.

3. Competitive Environment

Sometimes artists may find it difficult to find inspiration or the motivation to proceed with an artwork. In such cases, the slight adrenaline rush of an upcoming competition may give them the gentle push to finish it or even start a piece that they have been procrastinating. Also, we would like to add that most art competitions ensure a healthy competitive environment, trying to find new talents that have the potential to shine through. Hence, if you are worried about negative competitiveness, then you can throw that fear away. 

4. Greater Exposure

When you enter your work in any art competition, it allows you to put your work in front of several experts, art collectors, art enthusiasts, and potential buyers who may like your work. It gives you a chance to showcase and present your work and it is up to you how you make the best of this opportunity. To add some edge, make sure to write an artwork description that sheds more light on your skills. You can talk about your inspiration, the techniques you have used, and anything else that you feel might help them understand your work better. A good description is a reflection of your skills and understanding of your skills, so make sure it is well-written. 

5. Rewards and Prizes

Most of these competitions offer big cash prizes to winners which they can use to buy better art supplies, study further to polish their skills, or in any other way that they wish. Just a small amount of research will help you find such competitions and you can enter them based on your judgment. For example, TERAVARNA organizes Juried International Art Competitions every fortnight in different genres and offers cash prizes of up to $3500 to its winners. A lot of our artists have benefited from this opportunity and so can you.

Art Competitions Are a Doorway to Opportunities

Remember, art competitions are not just a means to winning prizes and attaining recognition. If taken positively, they can act as a means to self-discovery and self-improvement that can take you a long way in not just your career, but life in general. Not to mention the fact that they also help you gain new insight into your own work and see it from an entirely fresh perspective. 

These competitions can be your ultimate destination to meet art connoisseurs, collectors, and experts who can help you get recommendations or even commissioned work opportunities.  However, as there are so many portrait art competitions being held, you must do thorough research to find the one that best suits you. Some research will help you save your time, effort, and also money.

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