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Top 4 Reasons That Make Animal Art Important

The oldest animal art was discovered some 45,500 years ago on Sulawesi islands in Indonesia. It was a sketch of a native pig and to date is considered to be the oldest form of a creature depiction in art. For the longest time, animal art has been a popular form of art for both artists and art collectors. 

It is safe to say that we all must have come across some form of animal art at least once in our lives. This statement brings us to the question: what makes this art style so popular? Why has it been around for so long and why do people continue to create and buy animal art? If you are also someone interested in finding the answers to these questions, then you are at the right place. Today we will discuss different reasons that make animals such a popular subject in art. 

Significance of Animal Art

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that animal art is a timeless form of art and for all the right reasons. Various reasons make creature depiction so popular in art, but here are our top 4 reasons that make this art a universally popular choice.

1. Cultural and Religious Significance 

Animal art isn’t just a depiction of a horse or a rabbit. Sometimes these artworks are a representation of what significance an animal holds in the artist’s culture. For example, many Indian households worship cows. Hence paintings of cows are not just about capturing creativity but also hold religious importance for people in that part of the world. Another example is ermine represented as a symbol of chastity during the Renaissance period. However, artists often depicted animals away from their traditional symbologies to create their own narratives and representations. One example is “Lady with an Ermine'' by Leonardo Da Vinci. Experts claim that instead of virtue, the ermine is an allegorical representation of the lady in the picture, Cecilia Galleriano, and her relationship with the then Duke of Milan.

2. Refining Home Decor

There are numerous reasons for a person to choose animal paintings as a part of their home decor.  It could either be for the resemblance with personality, symbolic significance, or simply because of the aesthetic appeal it adds to a space. A lot of the animal art present today is made up using a diverse and vibrant color palette that does a great job of uplifting the elegance of your space. Some art collectors also like to use captivating animal paintings as a centerpiece for their space, to give it an exotic makeover. 

3. Throwing Light on Endangered Species

If you think art is simply created for merriment, think again. For years different forms of art have been used to create awareness about different causes. One such medium to raise awareness about endangered animal species is by creating animal artwork. Such artworks push viewers to talk about those animals, thus raising awareness about their endangerment in hopes of actions to preserve them. 

There are numerous contemporary artists at present, who have taken it upon themselves to create animal art of endangered animals and are also taking the art world by storm with their efforts.

4. Education and Depiction of Animal Habitat

It is no surprise that art has been one of the greatest sources of knowledge since ancient times. Many animal artists both in the past and present have put immense effort into researching the habitat of an animal before imprinting them on their canvas. It not only helps artists portray the animals in their truest form but also helps them educate their audience via their artwork. Thoughtfully created animal art can help you understand the different intricacies of an animal species and its lifestyle that you might not bother finding out otherwise. Such artworks are infused with the narratives of their landscapes, the wildlife of a place, and a lot more.

Animal Art is Beauty in Diversity

Animal paintings are one of the most diverse art styles where artists thoroughly study every creature to achieve the utmost accuracy in their depiction. Every animal has a different physical anatomy and the better you understand that, the clearer your depiction shall be. However, no matter how diverse all the creatures are, every animal artwork is a story of that creature, narrated through the perspective of the artist – these stories are beautiful, heart-touching and timeless.

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