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@ Los Angeles Convention Center

14-18 February 2024


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@ Booth #924

We are delighted to present to you our selection of artists at

@ Los Angeles Convention Center



Most artists dream of exhibiting in a space where their work is physically displayed and appreciated by thousands of art lovers and collectors. The experiential feeling at a fine art fair can be a captivating and enriching experience, offering a glimpse into the vibrant and dynamic world of contemporary art. It's an event that can leave a lasting impression; especially with a prestigious event like the LA Art Show, we're sure that it's a very exciting process.

Below are just a few samples from our artists who have been  invited to submit original works at the LA Art Show. To see more, please visit us at our booth

14-18 February @ Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles



We at TERAVARNA take it as our mission to sponsor our artists for these art shows and fairs, knowing full well that renting wall space isn't cheap. So, while we strive to spend our limited resources to that end, we cannot always satisfy the many talented artists who truly deserve such space. We had a wide variety of very qualified artists apply for this opportunity. Sadly, we aren't able to display all of their works and had to make a hard choice when it came to selecting our artists for the show. Hopefully next time, we will get a chance to showcase some of these artists' works!

14-18 February @ Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles

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