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Online Art Submissions

Every aspiring artist needs a platform to display his skills and seek inspiration from the audience. The imagination of artists is fueled by patronization and admiration from art lovers across the world. Nothing is more satisfactory for an artist than participating in competitions and exhibitions and getting juried by renowned critics. It gives a satisfactory feeling of accomplishment. This venture encourages them to learn better skills, become more creative, and enjoy representing imaginations in the right art form. This is where Art Show International comes into the picture. Our portal for online art submissions for competitions and exhibitions will help you get your artwork in our galleries!

How to submit art online?

We have created a portal you can easily access by creating an art profile and sticking to the protocols. Here is what all you need to do:

·       Check the guidelines

The first step is to find the guidelines regarding the event you are interested in. If you want to submit your artwork online for competition, follow the specific guidelines for creating the pictures of your artwork in a particular format. Remember the guidelines may vary from different competitions and exhibitions. The protocols may also vary when you want to avail yourself of our online solo gallery. The motive of this step is to meet all the protocols perfectly to make your venture hassle-free and successful.

·       Filling the profile form

Every art exhibition or competition needs a full-proof profile of all the participants. A specific format is followed by our art gallery. All the artists will have to fill the sections with the right information. Your profile will be reflected with your entries. The winners will get featured in art magazines and portals with their bio. Hence, the filling of the application form must be done with proper care.

Things to remember

The online art submissions have deadlines too. Don’t forget to check the deadlines and keep a note for convenience. If you are participating in different competitions, make sure you keep monitoring any development in the respective website pages!

Stick to the protocols and prepare your profile beforehand. These criteria need to be met and cannot be ignored. It may result in the disqualification of your participation. Hence, start arranging resources with ample time in your hand to make necessary changes. If you need professional help, do not feel reluctant and contact our representatives to get the queries clarified. Complete the step of submission painting easily by following the steps mentioned on this page with ease.


We have made painting submissions online very convenient for busy artists. Great minds should be busy imagining new ideas for creating masterpieces. Follow the steps mentioned for online art submissions with the utmost convenience!  

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