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International Juried Art Exhibition


TERAVARNA is proud to cosponsor the 1st Budapest International Juried Art Exhibition at the newly minted Golden Duck Art Gallery



The 1st Budapest Art Exhibition will be held in May -June 2023 by the banks of the River Danube in the heart of downtown Budapest, just a short walking distance from the historic Hungarian Parliament Building.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to integrate your art into the booming contemporary art scene in Europe. What better chance than honing your skills in the picturesque city of Budapest, networking with other artistic souls, and finding yourself at home away from home in a place that sharpens your talent and appreciation of art, all while increasing your exposure?

​​​​Artists are invited to participate at the Budapest Art Exhibition within the thriving art scene in the heart of Europe.

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Videography Credit: Alexander Varadi

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The theme of the 1st Budapest Art Exhibition is OPEN. Any and all subjects are welcome under this category, and all of our current themes also qualifies under this. To maximize your chance of being selected by the jury for this art exhibition, please feel free to make any duplicate submissions from those themes as well. Artists are also given complete liberty to choose any technique of their choice, Both representational and abstract concepts, in any media, will be considered. Please note that you must be 18 years of age in order to participate in any of our events.

All types of visual arts will be considered, including but not limited to Painting & Mixed Media, Photography & Digital, and Sculpture & 3D Installation.

See below for more details on submission guidelines.

Awards & Prizes

Winning artists from this open call will be invited to participate to show and sell their artworks at the 1st Budapest Art Exhibition. There are no costs associated with the exhibition.

The Budapest Art Exhibition is a one-of-a-kind exhibition at the newly minted Golden Duck Gallery, in downtown Budapest, in Hungary. Due to the high foot traffic of early summer, the timeframe was chosen specifically to maximize sales and exposure. Other than the exhibition, the artists will be promoted extensively in local news outlets, media channels, and events. 

All winning artists will be provided with Certificates of Recognition.




The deadline for submission has been extended to April 1st, 2023. Additional information on timeline can be found below.



Art Competition Open – NOW

Deadline for Entries - APRIL 1st, 2023 (EXTENDED)

Winner Notification Starts  -  April 15th, 2023

Artworks MUST be received in Budapest - May 10th, 2023*

Exhibition of Winning Artworks Starts - May 20th, 2023*

Exhibition of Winning Artworks Ends - June 15th, 2023*

At the conclusion of the show, participating artists will have the choice to ship their unsold artworks to them, or place them in gallery storage for ongoing exhibitions at other European venues.


The entry fee for each artwork is $15 (non-refundable).

If you'd like to enter more than 10 artworks for consideration, please go back to fill in your details and submit again.

Although not required, it is strongly recommended that multiple artworks are submitted in order to provide a clear and cohesive understanding of the artist's portfolio in a physical art gallery setting. The jury will look at the entire body of work in a holistic manner.


Winners also have the opportunity for art residencies in Europe as a follow-up to this exhibition. This is a great prospect for both emerging and established artists who would like to prominently feature their work in the international arena.

Please note that the size of any artwork being displayed at this exhibition, with frame (if any), cannot exceed 40 in (about 1 m) in width and 60 in (about 1.5 m) in height.

Artworks painted on other materials than stretched canvas will need to be framed, because they cannot be exhibited without a frame. We can frame them in Budapest for a nominal framing fee.

Shipping and insurance of all artworks are the artist's responsibility. Detailed instructions will be provided to winners shortly after winner selection. The instructions will contain information on how to send the artworks lawfully through Hungarian customs so that artists are not taxed immediately on import. Artists may choose to ship their artworks either in stretched or unstretched condition; if they are shipped unstretched, however, a nominal stretching fee will apply depending on the size of the canvas. All packing and labelling instructions will also be provided to the artists.

Please be prepared to provide the net price you want to get for your artworks. The selling price will be determined by Golden Duck Gallery after add commission and taxes.

The Budapest Art Exhibition does not have any other associated gallery fees.

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How to Apply

1. Choose the number of artworks you'd like to submit​ from one of the options below.

2. Click on the number of artworks and proceed to make a payment. You can pay by PayPal or credit card. 

3. After successful payment, you'll be redirected back to where you can upload your images and other details.

NOTE: If you have any issues with your image submissions, please contact us at




Although not required, it is strongly recommended that multiple artworks are submitted in order to provide a clear and cohesive understanding of the artist's portfolio in a physical art gallery setting.

You can also participate in any of our other upcoming competitions.

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